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12 AUTOMATED METAL FINISHING ELECTRO-PLATING Artitalia Group specializes in electroplating—we can plate various types and forms of metals from standard to custom finishes. POWDER COATING Artitalia Group operates the largest suspended powder coating line in North America. Our powder coating line offers great performance and supplies multiple industries with a variety of color and textured finishes for various types and forms of metal. Artitalia Group is certified as an “Approved Applicator” for high performance Architectural Powder Coatings. ELECTRO-COATING Artitalia Group also provides electro-coating that provides a uniform paint application even on the most intricate parts and pre-assembled pieces producing a superior finish. This sub-finish is highly-resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and chipping. WWW.ARTITALIA.COM #FINDINGTHEARTINEVERYTHING

13 AUTOMATED WOOD PROCESSING Artitalia Group’s wood department is fully-equipped and has the ability to process and transform various types and forms of wood such as MDF, press wood, melamine, laminate, veneers, solid woods, and composites. Our wood manufacturing capabilities range from operating various types of machinery such as multiple 3-axis and 5-axis CNC overhead routers, automated bundle panel saws, automated edge-banders, and V-Groovers WWW.ARTITALIA.COM #FINDINGTHEARTINEVERYTHING