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4 WHO WE ARE Artitalia

4 WHO WE ARE Artitalia Group is a custom design and manufacturing company that supplies the retail, hospitality and restaurant, material handling and OEM, and mail and parcel markets with complete custom display fixtures, store environments, hospitality and restaurant furniture, and specialty equipment such as material handling carts, e-parcel lockers, postal lobby boxes, and community postal boxes. Our commitment to innovation and success is always top-ofmind when custom designing and engineering products. We pride ourselves on our reputation as being one of the industry’s top leading manufacturers. We innovate, inspire, and succeed at completing even the most challenging, out-of-the-box and complex designs for our customers. WWW.ARTITALIA.COM #FINDINGTHEARTINEVERYTHING

5 WHO WE ARE Artitalia Group has total of 950 000 sq. ft., and 500 employees, our domestic facility is equipped with advanced automated machinery. We are able to manufacture products in various types and forms of metal, wood, and plastic. Our overseas manufacturing is an extension of our domestic facility. Located in Xiamen, China, Artitalia Group created alliances with highly-qualified manufacturers in Asia based on the same rigorous standards used in our North American operations. WWW.ARTITALIA.COM #FINDINGTHEARTINEVERYTHING