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6 OUR MISSION Our mission is to custom design and manufacture products that effectively meet the needs of our clients within a number of markets including retail, hospitality and restaurant, material handling, and mail and parcel. Our business practice is structured to meet the complex needs of our clients by translating design concepts into sustainable and cost-effective products. OUR CULTURE Artitalia Group’s culture uses a corporate strategy that is applied across all departments. Our services are designed in large part by customer feedback and through the articulation of needs. We are constantly reviewing and tweaking processes in order to deliver a superior product. Our culture relies heavily on consistency and our team collective places methods that prioritize our efforts in order to strengthen our workforce and satisfy all of our future objectives. Artitalia Group’s culture is structured in such a way that it is focused on producing transformational and long-term results. WWW.ARTITALIA.COM #FINDINGTHEARTINEVERYTHING

7 OUR VISION “EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE IS REAL” Imagination is always a form of thought; we have trained our minds towards finding these thoughts, sketching it on paper, and designing a proper place within the world—as not only an art form but as its reality. Our commitment to innovation and our dedication to the ongoing development of next generation designs has sustained our reputation for being a strong and viable world class custom manufacturer. Automation at our organization—intricate in their design, complex internal workings but simple in their process. The incentive for applying this machinery is simple; consistency. It is a pre-requisite that automation provides the link between our creative minds and the designs we create because we believe that at the end of the day “everything you can imagine is real”. WWW.ARTITALIA.COM #FINDINGTHEARTINEVERYTHING