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Summer Newsletter 2017

Forest Hills School District Summer Newsletter 2017

Elementary Music

Elementary Music Department Had an Eventful Year The fifth and sixth grade bands and the sixth grade Rockin’ Rangers, comprised of over 150 fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students, demonstrated their superior musical abilities at their concert on April 27 th . The bands demonstrated what they have learned over the course of the school year with wind band music, and well-known songs like the theme from Ghostbusters and “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark,” by Fall Out Boy. The Rockin’ Rangers, under the direction of Mrs. Tully, sang a variety of songs including “Old Time Rock and Roll” and “Lean on Me/Don’t Stop Believin.” Over 600 people were in attendance for the spring concert held in the new Junior-Senior High School auditorium. The elementary music program has been very eventful over the past few months! In addition to the concert, 6 sixth grade students were selected to represent Forest Hills at PMEA’s annual Band Fest at Hollidaysburg Middle School on March 31 st . Aiden Carr, Colten Danel, Claire Daubert, Rebecca Docherty, Hailey Hampton and Makenna Konchan practiced very hard and put on an excellent performance with students from Bedford, Blair, Cambria and Somerset Counties. Six fifth grade students also represented Forest Hills at Song Fest at Hollidaysburg High School on May 5 th . These students included Doran Faith, Malachi Feeney, Alexis Henderson, Emily Myers, Colton Sparrow, and Melanie Troy. 126 third grade students have also been trying out instruments since March to make an informed decision to play flute, clarinet, or trumpet as fourth graders during the next school year. They also did a wonderful job in the first performance during our in-school concert for the elementary students. It has been a fantastic year of learning, growing, new experiences, and musicality! 4 th Grade Tri-a-rama Scene This spring, the 4 th grade had a fun time reading the novel, Phineas L. MacGuire Gets Slimed. It is about a 4 th grade boy who loves science. Mrs. Yahner’s reading students chose a scene from the book to recreate as a “tri-a-rama”. Students had to be creative and patient in order to figure out how to make their scene come alive with 3D objects using only paper and glue. To accompany their scene, students also had to write a scene summary. These projects decorated the 4 th grade hallway for the last weeks of school. 18

CAREER RESEARCH What would you like to be when you grow up? While reading the novel, The Giver, Mrs. Hostetler’s 5 th and 6 th grade students pondered this question. You see, in The Giver, the children of this dystopian society didn’t have the opportunity to choose a career for themselves; a career was chosen for each child by the elders of the community. This story event spurred a lot of discussion among Mrs. Hostetler’s students, which led to a research project that really got her students thinking about a possible career for themselves….and how fortunate they are to be able to choose something so important for themselves. As the students finished the novel, they were given the assignment of researching a career they would be interested in pursuing. They had to present, to their peers, the information they learned in the form of a Google Slides presentation, and, if at all possible, invite someone in to speak to their class about a particular profession. Over the course of two months, the students invited a variety of people to speak to their classmates. Mr. John Cobaugh, a police officer, EMT, and prosthetic technician was the first to visit. He was followed by Mrs. Sue Andrykovitch, a tax collector, Mr. Shawn Faith, a construction quality assurance technician, and Dr. Brady Hamady, the owner of Forest Hills Veterinary. In addition, Mr. Lance McGough visited the 5 th and 6 th graders and spoke about his career in the education field. One fifth grader, Doran Faith, is interested in becoming a surgeon. Therefore, with encouragement from his mom, he contacted Dr. Sciortino, a heart transplant surgeon from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. And late in the month of March, Dr. Sciortino, a physician’s assistant named Aaron, and Shelley Zomak, the director of the Cardiothoracic Transplant Unit of UPMC, visited Mrs. Hostetler’s class. He brought with him two real hearts! The students had an opportunity to get an up-close look at all the workings of the heart as Dr. Sciortino dissected one of the hearts, and they were able to hold and examine another real heart (with gloves, of course)! What an opportunity this was for everyone! The students learned a lot from this research assignment and each of the visitors that spoke to Mrs. Hostetler’s class. It’s never too early to start thinking about a career and setting goals for oneself. 2016-2017 Grade 6 Spelling Bee Winners Sixth grade held their annual spelling bee on May 12, 2017 in the elementary school cafeteria. The entire sixth grade student body attended the competition to watch the bee and support their fellow classmates. All 24 contestants did a fantastic job and went through several rounds of spelling before the final 3 places were decided. The first place winner was Makenna Konchan. Second place went to Olivia Colbert and the 3 rd place winner was Audrey Peretin. The winners each received a Books-A-Million gift card and a cash prize from the PTO. Congratulations to all three!!! Little Bits Mrs. Gibson, a second grade teacher, was invited this winter to attend a STEM training on Little Bits. This training was provided to show teachers how to use a STEM kit on basic electrical circuits and ways to incorporate it into their classrooms. After the training, Mrs. Gibson’s class had the opportunity to use the kit called Little Bits in their classroom. The kit gave the students a hands-on experience in making basic electrical circuits. It provided an opportunity for the students to experiment and discover how electricity really works. After using the kit for 4 days, Mrs. Gibson’s class then taught all of the other 2 nd grade classes how to create basic electrical circuits. The knowledge they gained from the hands-on STEM kit was evident as the students explained to their peers how to create the circuits. The 2 nd grade teachers would like to thank the IU8 for lending them Little Bits and giving them such a great opportunity to learn! 19

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