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EACVI Echocardiography Textbook - sample

Discover the EACVI Textbook of Echocardiography 2nd edition

Abbreviations 1D 2D 2DE

Abbreviations 1D 2D 2DE 3D 3DE 4D A2C A3C A4C A5C AAA AAS ABI AF AMI ANP AoV APS AR ARDS ARO ARVC ARVC/D AS ASA ASD ASE ASH ATA AV AVA AVR BA BAI BAV BNP BSA BSE one-dimensional two-dimensional two-dimensional echocardiography three-dimensional three-dimensional echocardiography four-dimensional apical two-chamber apical three-chamber apical four-chamber apical five-chamber abdominal aortic aneurysm acute aortic syndrome ankle–brachial index atrial fibrillation acute myocardial infarction atrial natriuretic peptide aortic valve antiphospholipid syndrome atrial regurgitation acute respiratory distress syndrome anatomical regurgitant orifice arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy/dysplasia aortic stenosis alcohol septal ablation atrial septal defect American Society of Echocardiography asymmetric septal hypertrophy anterior tibial artery atrioventricular aortic valve area aortic valve replacement basilar artery blunt aortic injury bicuspid aortic valve brain-type natriuretic peptide body surface area British Society of Echocardiography CABG CAD CAT CAV CCA ccTGA CE CEA CFA CFM CFR CFVR CHD CME CMR CO CoA CPB CRT CS CSA CT cTn CTRCD CV CW DCM DCRV DICOM DMI DSE DT DUS EACVI EAE ECA ECG coronary artery bypass grafting coronary artery disease common arterial trunk cardiac allograft vasculopathy common carotid artery congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries contrast echocardiography cervicoencephalic artery common femoral artery colour flow mapping coronary flow reserve coronary flow velocity reserve congenital heart disease continuing medical education cardiac magnetic resonance cardiac output coarctation of the aorta cardiopulmonary bypass cardiac resynchronization therapy coronary sinus cross-sectional area computed tomography cardiac troponin cancer therapeutics-related cardiac dysfunction cardiovascular continuous wave dilated cardiomyopathy double-chambered right ventricle Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Doppler myocardial imaging dobutamine stress echocardiography deceleration time duplex ultrasound European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging European Association of Echocardiography external carotid artery electrocardiography/electrocardiogram

xvi abbreviations ECMO EDP E DT EDV EE EF EMB EOA EOAi EPJ ERO EROA ESC ESE EVLW ExECG FA FAC FAP FDG FO FoCUS FP GLS HCM HF HFPEF HR HT IABP IAS ICA ICD ICE ICU IE IMH IMT IPPV I SPTA IVC IVNC IVO IVRT IVS IVUS LA LAA LAD LAVi LBBB LEAD LGC LS LUS extracorporeal membrane oxygenation end-diastolic pressure E deceleration time end-diastolic velocity exercise echocardiography ejection fraction endomyocardial biopsy effective orifice area effective orifice area index electronic patient journal effective regurgitant orifice effective regurgitant orifice area European Society of Cardiology exercise stress echocardiography extravascular lung water exercise electrocardiography Friedreich’s ataxia fractional area change femoral artery pseudoaneurysm fluorodeoxyglucose fossa ovalis focused cardiac ultrasound filling pressure global longitudinal strain hypertrophic cardiomyopathy heart failure heart failure with preserved ejection fraction heart rate heart transplantation intra-aortic balloon pump interatrial septum internal carotid artery implantable cardioverter defibrillator intracardiac echocardiography intensive care unit infective endocarditis intramural haematoma intima–media thickness intermittent positive pressure ventilation spatial peak-temporal average intensity inferior vena cava isolated ventricular non-compaction intraventricular obstruction isovolumic relaxation time interventricular septum intravascular ultrasound left atrium/atrial left atrial appendage left anterior descending artery left atrial volume index left bundle branch block lower extremity artery disease lateral gain compensation longitudinal strain lung ultrasound LV LVAD LVEDD LVEDP LVEF LVH LVM LVO LVOT LVOTO MA MAPSE MBF MCA MCE MCS MCTD MD MI mPA MPAP MPI MR MRI MS MSCT MV MVA MVR NYHA OR PA PAA PACS PASP PAU PCWP PDA PE PET PFO PGF PH PHE PHT PISA PLAX PM PMC PNX PP PR PRF PS PSAP left ventricle/ventricular left ventricular assist device left ventricular end-diastolic diameter left ventricular end-diastolic pressure left ventricular ejection fraction left ventricular hypertrophy left ventricular mass left ventricular opacification left ventricular outflow tract left ventricular outflow tract obstruction mitral annulus mitral annular plane systolic excursion myocardial blood flow middle cerebral artery myocardial contrast echocardiography mechanical circulatory support mixed connective tissue diseases myotonic dystrophy mechanical index or myocardial infarction main pulmonary artery mean pulmonary arterial pressure myocardial perfusion imaging mitral regurgitation magnetic resonance imaging mitral stenosis multislice computed tomography mitral valve mitral valve area mitral valve repair New York Heart Association odds ratio pulmonary artery popliteal artery aneurysm picture archiving and communicating system pulmonary artery systolic pressure penetrating atherosclerotic ulcer pulmonary capillary wedge pressure posterior descending coronary artery pericardial effusion or pulmonary embolism positron emission tomography patent foramen ovale primary graft failure pulmonary hypertension pocket-size hand-held echocardiography pressure half-time or pulmonary hypertension proximal isovelocity convergence area parasternal long-axis papillary muscle percutaneous mitral commissurotomy pneumothorax pulse pressure pulmonary regurgitation pulse repetition frequency pulmonary stenosis pulmonary systolic artery pressure

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