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And They Two Shall Become One

You will become intrigued by our Part 1 sequel of 6 as we bring enrichment ans resources to your library in relationships. This collection will bring life changing experiences and scenarios to help you to grasp how to weather challenges and how to identify small elements of how to repair a relationship. Before the Altar is part of our collection; "And They Two Shall Become One" series. Remember the word years ago entitled "Hitched." This meant that two were entering into a commitment of relationship and marriage. These resources will give you tips, tools, and empowerment on what you need to look for and steps you need to utilize before saying the I Do's. In order to have a successful and creative relationship , their must be essential steps taken first. Being married and in a relationship with my spouse for more than 27 years, I will share some experiences in which I occurred and additional examples regarding some marriages and relationships in which I have counseled. I hope this book is a door to your next process for marriage or engagement.

This has been a way of

This has been a way of life for Pam. She comes from a family of “shop till you drop.” Pamela is out one-day shopping after she has worked a long day at Miser & Mendel Corporation. She is the top Administrative clerk. Pam feels after a long hard week; she felt it was time to treat herself to success. She walks into to one of her huge department stores. She leaves out with a ticket of items for $287.15. This is how she loves to shop. She leaves the department store and enters her favorite Starbucks​ coffee shop. 62

She orders her favorite coffee selection with mocha. While sitting in the area; a tall six feet two-inch man arrives at her table. He introduces himself as John Pears. Pam replies; “it’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Pears.” He asks if he can share another coffee delicatessen with her. Pamela replies and invites Mr. Pears to another cup of coffee. They began to share a great conversation and plan to meet up again. Everything went well.

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