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Dublin Sci-Fi Film Festival 2018 Brochure

Full programme brochure for Dublin Sci-Fi Film Festival 2018

Black Hollow Cage aka

Black Hollow Cage aka dark portal Sadrac González 105 min / Spain Fri 27/04 @ 17:30 Generator Official Selection: Raindance Film Festival Dublin Sci-Fi film Festival Alice is a thirteen-year-old girl who lives with her father in a futuristic house deep in the woods. Their seclusion is not the only unusual thing about them: Alice is missing an arm and has to wear a prosthetic, the result, we learn, of a horrible car accident which claimed her mother’s life. On top of this, the father-daughter relationship seems strained and distant. The pair are joined by a beautiful white dog whom Alice refers to as ‘Mom’, and who can talk through a high-tech synthesizer in its collar. One day, whilst out in the woods, Alice comes across a strange device with the amazing ability to send messages through time – but the machine comes with a warning, and two strangers are about to upset Alice’s home life once again. – Orestes Kouzof, Raindance Film Festival Salyut-7 Klim Shipenko 111 min / 2017 / Russia Fri 27/04 @ 18:00 Light House With the support of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Ireland SALYUT-7 is based on the true story of the epic Soyuz T-13 mission, when Russia sent an expedition to the dead orbital station in order to repair it, marking the first occasion where a spacecraft docked with a moving space station. Almost a Russian response to Apollo-13, the mission has, over the years, taken on a legendary status. SALYUT-7 takes what is already a heroic and amazing historical chapter and makes it one of the grandest missions possible by embellishing the ground crew and the cosmonauts travelling. Cypher character quirks are used to great effect in connecting the audience with these moody, determined and talented men and their impossible mission. The advantage of the story being new to most audiences also allows the tension to remain very high throughout. – Evrim Ersoy, Fantastic Fest “Russian space epic is edge-of-the-seat retelling of a mission impossible” – James Marsh, SCMP 5

the man with the magic box Bodo Kox 103 min / 2017 / Poland Fri 27/04 @ 19:20 Generator Official Selection: Trieste Science+ Fiction Festival In a not so distant dystopian future Adam escapes from poor part of Warsaw to the New City. With a help of a secret society Adam gets a flat in an old building and finds a job a cleaner. He falls in love with Goria, a beautiful employee in the HR department, but she doesn’t treat him seriously. In his flat Adam finds a radio from the 1950’s that broadcasts the beautiful music from the past. The radio also emits the Theta waves that facilitate time travel. Adam starts to experiment with the Theta waves and he gets stuck in the past. When he doesn’t show up for work Goria – realizing that she has lost true love – starts to look for him in the past. “Polish sci-fi thriller The Man With Magic Box reverberates with myriad influences from Terry Gilliam and Steven Spielberg to Andrei Tarkovsky.” – Laurence Boyce, Screen Daily Let the Corpses Tan Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani 93 min /2017 / Belgium, France Fri 27/04 @ 22:45 Light House Official Selection: London Film Festival Dublin Sci-Fi film Festival Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani weaponize their aesthetic proclivities into an allout bombardment of sensational style as they methodically adapt every devilish detail from the cult novel by Jean-Patrick Manchette and Jean-Pierre Bastid. A gang of thieves absconding with 250kg of stolen gold arrives at the abode of a listless artist caught in a bohemian love triangle. The scenario quickly escalates into a desperate day-long firefight between cops and robbers throughout the remote ruins of a Mediterranean hamlet — and genre and art-house tropes collide in a relentless reverie of action spectacle, exquisitely photographed on Super 16mm film. – Peter Kuplowsky, TIFF “With these orgasmic shootouts putting the f*ck into clusterf*ck, perverse desires transmute low genre into pure gold.” – Anton Bitel, Sight & Sound 6

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