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Dublin Sci-Fi Film Festival 2018 Brochure

Full programme brochure for Dublin Sci-Fi Film Festival 2018

The Capture James Agnew

The Capture James Agnew 81 min / US Sat 28/04 @ 12:30 Generator Official Selection: Berlin Sci-Fi Film Festival Dublin Sci-Fi film Festival In an attempt to prove there is life after death a group of scientists perform an experiment in which they euthanize a group of terminally ill subjects. In the process of the experiment they capture a psychopomp – a guide of souls. Psychopomps are believed to have been guiding souls from one plane to the next since the beginning of time and appear in Greek, Egyptian and Hindu mythology. But by capturing one, this group of scientists may have inadvertently changed everything we know about time and space, as well as life and death, forever. “The Capture announces a brave new voice in genre filmmaking for writerproducer Jim Agnew in his feature directorial debut. Here he gives new life to ancient myths with a futuristic approach that is both subtle and stylish.” – David Desmond, Festival Director documentary: love and Saucers Brad Abrahams 67 min / 2017 / us Sat 28/04 @ 14:30 Generator Official Selection: Fantastic Fest David Huggins, a 72-year-old man who claims to have lost his virginity as a young man to an extraterrestrial being, turned to art to express his interspecies romance and lifelong relationship with the otherworldly. Huggins, now 72 years old, claims to have been in contact with these otherworldly beings over the course of his entire life, turning to art to express and immortalize his (sexual) encounters, encouraged by the extraterrestrial to do so. His art is surreal, simple and almost childish. But the moments Huggins has chosen to put on canvas are fascinating and intriguing and correspond to very specific events in his life. “The results are both mesmerizing and provocative.” – Noel Murray, LA Times 7

Sci-Fi Shorts 1 - 91min, sat 28/04 @ 16:00 Gen The Drop Off Aden Barwick 12 min / UK Synchronous Ricardo Fernández Jiménez 14 min / Colombia icon Konstantina Papadopoulou 18 min / greece Dublin Sci-Fi film Festival ZACKman Jack Tong 5 min / hong Kong Close-up Maria Wieczorek 12 min / Poland The iris echo Edward Wilkes, Tristram GIFF 24 min /UK The Strapless Brain Anthony Sylvester 6 min / US 8

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