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Georgia Experience Teacher Toolbox SAMPLE - Grade 5


GEORGIA EXPERIENCE | GRADE 5 | CHAPTER 11 CONTENT Instructional Strategies and Teaching Tools AND SKILLS The tools on the following pages are designed to be used in conjunction with the Student Workbooks. Paired together, they give you exactly what you need for thorough, standards-based instruction that incorporates inquiry, literacy, primary source analysis, writing, project-based learning, map skills, technology skills, 21 st Century skills, and much more! Each tool can be used in multiple ways, and you can choose the best use for your class. You can also pick-and-choose which tools to use. Ideas for effective variation of adapting these tools into your classroom lessons and routines include: • Items can be completed together as a class, in small groups, in pairs, or by students individually. • Assignments can be graded with a numeric score based on accuracy and completeness, as done/not done, or as extra credit. • You can project any tool on your whiteboard, making it easy to complete or review map skills, graphic organizers, and other activities as a class. • With some tools, you can reduce copy usage by projecting and reading instructions aloud or by placing instructions in centers and having students complete the activity on their own paper or digital device. • You can incorporate technology by having students define vocabulary on digital flashcards, complete writing prompts on blog, word processing, or collaborative digital platforms, produce performance-based tasks using digital presentation software, and through a variety of other creative ways. SAMPLE • You can assign items to be started for homework, and then launch an in-depth class discussion and review the next day in class, in a flipped-classroom format. (This can often be useful for DBQs and primary source analysis, or with any activity where students benefit by having time to observe, analyze, hypothesize, or create without tight time pressures or class distractions.) • Many instructional items also make great authentic assessments. You can easily select which tools to use to measure and document student understanding and performance to inform instruction and recognize any need for intervention. Assignment responses provide work samples perfect for student portfolios and grades. ©Gallopade • All Rights Reserved • Permission is granted to use Toolbox only with students for whom a current-year Experience Class Set is purchased. 7

NAME: ______________________________ GEORGIA EXPERIENCE | GRADE 5 | CHAPTER 11 Vocabulary Worksheet THE COLD WAR BEGINS DEFINE THESE TERMS BASED ON WHAT YOU LEARNED ALREADY. (IT’S OKAY TO FLIP BACK TO PREVIOUS CHAPTERS.) Allied Powers Axis Powers USE A DICTIONARY TO DEFINE THESE TERMS. communism democracy capitalism ideology containment DEFINE THESE TERMS AS YOU LEARN THEM IN CLASS. Iron Curtain Berlin Wall The Cold War SAMPLE ©Gallopade • All Rights Reserved • Permission is granted to use Toolbox only with students for whom a current-year Experience Class Set is purchased. 8