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MANOS Spring 2018 Newsletter

MANOS Spring 2018

WHAT’S INSIDE? A fond welcome to Professor Carrie Dolan Page 2 Most recent trips Page 3 A brief history of the project Page 4 MANOS Newsletter Hello MANOS Alumni! We hope that you all are doing well! In an effort to improve communication with all of you, we wanted to share what MANOS has been doing recently. You might already know a lot of this information, but we decided to be thorough just to cover the main changes of the project over the years. Keep reading to find out about all of the exciting projects MANOS has been working on and what we have planned for hte future. Sincerely, MANOS MEET THE TEAM: Ariel Cadby-Spicer ’18 Erika Jaimes ’18 Amar Kakirde ’18 Benjamin Neider ’18 Jioni Tuck ’19 Maggie Gutmann ’19 Veronica Silva ’19 Hannah Ferster ’19 Cait Macias ’20 Laura Schwartz ’20 Maura Finn ’20 Sofia Kellogg ’20 Aria Troupe ’20 Ethan Harrison ’19 Sarah Siebes ’20 Heather Baier ’20 Alex Chung ’21