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February Issue

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What is the best thing

What is the best thing about being you? I can save lives. I think that’s the best thing about being me, that I can bring a difference and actually have an impact on humanity. How do you manage to run such a rich professional profile of yours? I don’t feel like I am multitasking because each of my role, be it a Doctor, Professor, or a Principle, is relevant. I don’t have to completely change my mental state as the roles switch from one to other. I just follow time. I think if you can manage time, everything falls into place. Why did you become a doctor? You see, back in time I did my studies, a good student was expected to be a science student and if she was a girl student, medicine was the convenient option so I looked forward to it. Moreover, I grew up watching my uncle who is a doctor too. As a child, my mother used to fall sick so I always wished I could cure her. Besides, I always wanted to do something for social welfare, something compassionate. What is it like to lead such an esteemed institution? I have huge responsibility and it is a great feeling to dedicate yourself in doing what you love. What part of your work satisfies you the most? The administration is a different side, I enjoy with my patients. To enable salvation from pain, to be able to heal the hurt, to help families by helping a mother and child is a great satisfaction. Why did you choose reproductive health? Being a gynecologist and obstetrician, I have closely analysed the health status of women and I must say it is pitiful. The issue is sensitive and given our norms- ineffable, which makes it challenging. A pregnant woman is like a soldier on a battlefield, you never know if she returns. And mothers are the foundation of any family, so her loss in any way is linked to a greater impact. Not only that, everything that comes under reproductive health is extrinsically associated with our lives so it’s improvement is an indicator of development. What is your contribution as the Principal of KMC? There are many to name each and every but most important is by ensuring the quality education system that we stand for. On my part, I spend most of the time doing college work(sometimes even 18 hours a day). I try to reach each and every person or issue that needs my attention. Other than that, I have helped in creating Doctors which is a greater contribution. You were a medical student and medical students are presumed to be the most studious and laborious. Please share with us your experience as one? It is so because the curriculum is vast and it has to be since Doctors have to deal with great care. Of course there were sleepless nights that I just studied through. There is an unforgettable moment, (I had to trust my family with my thirteen day old newborn and leave for Dhaka to attend my exam for which I prepared during pregnancy. It was an unimaginable experience but I topped the exam so it paid off. She actually left us wonderstruck with this one. Mr & Mrs Karki What would you like to say to your younger self who is yet to become a doctor? Just work hard and believe in yourself, you’ll be there. What do you think of the mushrooming private institutions in Nepal in health sector? Everything cannot be handled by government. Intent and growing pattern of the institution. Every profession is stereotyped. Is there any stereotypical bubble you’d like to burst when its comes to your profession? Not a stereotype but there are some misconceptions that prevail. People have generalised us as corrupt and money minded. I find that offending because not every doctor is a corrupt or rich. So I suggest people so stop generalising such accusations and know if we earn, we are equally generous. As a physician, you have had thousands of cases, is there any case that was extraordinary or emotionally moving? As soon as I passed my Loksewa exam (which she topped), I was sent to Bhojpur through government scheme. We took a flight since it was a long route. As we landed, I saw a woman who was laid at the airport, unconscious, pregnant. I took me by surprise why haven't they misconceptions that prevail. People have generalised us as 10 Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018

corrupt and money minded. I find that offending because not every doctor is a corrupt or rich. What do you think is more important, wit or intellect to run any profession? A careful blend of both. Intellect tells you what to do and wit helps you with how to do. Can altruism and philanthropy help the thriving poverty in the world? I wont say it’ll eliminate poverty. But in dire need, yes. Some contributions just What does your regular day look like? I usually wake up at 5-6 am. After the morning time tidbits, I go to the college. Meet people, and then check on my patients. If there is any scheduled meeting or appointment, I attend. I connect with people in between the major shifts. By the time I get home it’s usually 7/8PM. I have an assistant at home, she helps me with chores. It’s hard to stick with a daily routine because in.there will always be an unexpected case or meeting or event happening which is inevitable. How active are you on social media? I am on Facebook and Twitter. I use it during commute because that’s the only time I have for myself on regular days. (She adds, ‘I am in touch with my college friends and teachers which is wonderful). Do you think fashion/appearance makes difference to any personality? I have indulged myself in trying something new because of my daughters’ concern for my looks (Laughs) but I don’t know much about fashion. I pay much attention to hygiene than outfit; it does not matter even if the cloth is torn if it is clean. Moreover, doctors have to be cautious about what we wear because we have to deal with I had to trust my family with my thirteen day old newborn and leave for Dhaka to attend my exam for which I prepared during pregnancy. It was an unimaginable experience but I topped the exam so it paid off. patients and you would not want to see a Doctor in a blingy outfit. I think whatever you wear should be clean, decent, comfortable and appropriate. How often do you watch movies? What was the last movie you watched? Back then when I was in college, I used to visit theatres with my friends. Now I don’t really have time to frequent the theatres. However, it’s a great pastime for occasions like Teej. (Chuckles). The last movie I watched is Chakka Panja. I went out with family (I had to). I liked the movie and it’s a matter of pride to see the cinemas advance in so many ways. Is there any protagonist you identify with? I have not watched so many movies to answer that. But I am sure there are movies based on ‘small town girl who made it big’ that I could probably identify with. Is there any celebrity you follow? Nobody in particular. However, I am a big fan of Indira Gandhi, she was a fierce lady. I admire ‘MaHa’ jodi for their originality and love Besides, I look up to my seniors as stars and I think it’s always a pleasure to meet them. Who is one person you can bet your life on? Why? (Will I have to?) Though it could be any of my family members (it’s a blessing to have such a family where everybody can be trusted equally), I choose my husband. I could not have made it this far without him as a support. Where is the farthest you’ve been from home? USA. I was there for research. Tell us about your recent family hangout? My daughter’s wedding. Although I could not give all of my time, the moments I lived is very special to me. Naturally so. Since it was a big family get together, all of shared a happy moment and rejoiced the togetherness. What is the best way to socialise? It is through communication even with the distance. And a sense of respect for each other. Describe yourself as a mother? By the time I became a mother, I was already into this profession. I had very little time for my daughters. So I could not do all the things like an ideal mother would do. Like dressing them up for school and things like that. But I made sure that the time I had with them was quality time. Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018 11

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