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February Issue

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Doctor speaks Dr Sunil

Doctor speaks Dr Sunil Kumar Sharma Medical Director Medicity Hospital Bhaisepati I have joined the Madras University for Medical Science then went to Edinburg to do FRCS. After completion of my FRCSEd, I am working in the capacity of Consultant GI & Laparoscopic Surgeon since 1998. Now I am Medical Director of Nepal Mediciti and I am heading the Digestive Disease Center. It’s a new venture for me as well as the corporate hospital. My journey so far is very satisfying. I do the upmost in my capacity to contribute to the medical field. 20 Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018

Doctor Speaks What is the latest service/ technology that you have brought into practice. I have been able to consolidate laparoscopic services in the country. What are the opportunities and challenges in Nepal's healthcare sector in terms of business? These days Finance and Economy of the country as well as inovation in medical services are on the top. The business should be escalated with some provision of insurance and assurance with policies that ease. Medical field is big social responsibility of the government as well as the private sectors and should be transparent and accountable. Personal Tidbits Define your personality I think I am an extrovert. What is your best memory as child? Although every childhood memory is a best one, I fondly recall School days in Godavari when I first learnt cycling. I was in class three then, those times are unforgettable. What has been the pivotal moment in your life? My first 3 months in a public school at Dheradhun. What do you do at leisure? I love to listen music and read books but also watch movies occasionally. Last movie I have watched is “Black Panther”. Medical field is big social responsibility of the government as well as the private sectors and should be transparent and accountable. Tell us about your recent family hangout. We went for Kenya safari and had a great time there. What is the farthest place you have been from home? Sweden is the farthest place I have been from home. What do you do to stay healthy? I walk and exercise regularly for the healthy living. Are you aware of brands? Yes I am quite aware of brands when it comes to gadegts and vehicles but I do not usually follow for clothings and other things. Which brand do you prefer when it comes to: Attire: Not very specific about that. Gadget: Samsung Ride: Nissan What would be your message to the world? “Live to the fullest” that is how you become successful in life. Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018 21

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