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February Issue

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Paragon of love GP

Paragon of love GP Timalsena and Usha Khadgi 26 Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018

Wedding Season Special Married to each other since 2002, theirs is a story that tell us happily ever after does not just happen in a fairy tale. They believe mutual respect and support between you and your significant other is foundation of a happy relationship. What do you do to keep your relationship afresh? The key is respect and support for each other and relating with your mate in every possible way. We both are working people and although we shall have an informed ear to put all our worries when we get home, there should be an understanding to keep the bond unhindered. Your message to people who are in love: Just trust. And love is such a beautiful feeling so savor it. The ultimate objective should be to be together forever, if not don’t meander in a short term relationship. Study and get to know your potential partner; understand their emotions, values, norms and, beliefs before taking the plunge and asking them to marry you. Your message to people who fear commitment? Your fear just showcases the doubt and lack of trust. The heightening fear for commitment must be credited to this pressure to be perfect in every way. We are constantly being exposed to such situations that just build up our expectations and we are bound by prejudice. You have to be pragmatic and not seek perfection rather appreciate your partner in real ways. Don’t drift in the ideal concept of romance, that’ll just never land you the love that would have otherwise been possible. If you fear commitment despite the dedication there is no point is being in such a relationship. Your message to a newly wed couple: The beginning is a golden period so make the most out of it. Overtime, there’ll be very less space to celebrate your love as the responsibilities come one after another. Moreover, you’ll have to cater to parenthood and that will change your world upside down. I am not saying it’s burdensome, its universal that you need to take care of your children. But once you become a parent, there is no coming back. It bestows you with joy of parenthood but if you don’t pay attention, you might not have time for your significant other. So take out oneon-one time for yourselves and relive the moments to keep the love alive and strong. Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018 27

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