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2 Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018

EDITORIAL FROM THE EDITOR There are always sections which are deprived of their basic rights in every society and country. This is all because these sections are not aware of their rights. Although numerous laws have been tabled for women empowerment and rights, the mindset of the society has not changed. Education is the only catalyst for women empowerment as it enables them challenge and confront their traditional role and change their lives. Women empowerment is not a day's job but it is a continuous process and we need leaders who speak for it and people who have set themselves free from the traditional roles. We have championed this very theme for a long time to bring into light the women leaders who have broken this social bondage and are an inspiration to many. With this issue we’d like to inform our valued readers that in the days to come, we shall encompass many such virtues of our society and bring to you the inspiring stories of people from all walks of life for we believe it is not only women who champion women empowerment, men have equal parts to play. This time, we provide you a glimpse into the lives of people engaged in healthcare system of Nepal while discussing some of the relevant issues with corporate-centric approach as our flagship. With the launch of Health Insurance scheme, healthcare in Nepal has embarked on a new journey and each of us anticipate the procurement which is to subsist through a consolidated effort of the Public Private Partnership. This issue also emphasizes the opportunities and challenges of this newfound ambition and is thereby dedicated to all the individuals who have been adding value to strengthen the healthcare system of Nepal. Ms. Shirisa Poudel Editor

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