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February Issue

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Feature Women

Feature Women Empowerment Has Taken Place or, Has It? When most often people are asked about the definition of strong independent woman, the first thought that strikes their mind is women who work fiercely in order to develop their career and are financially independent are strong. A pretty lucrative and smart definition of a woman or is it? So what about all those homemakers who have been better in home sciences and have managed to ensure that the half of the workload of all the other members of their family is burdened to them gracefully? We all love looking at cover photos in magazines admiring the flawless beauty of all those models who have left no stone unturned to make sure that they look gorgeous at every freaking hour of the day. But wait! The duty of those women demands only beauty or does it? Do we also recognize their intellectual capabilities, their interpersonal skills and their soft skills like their dynamic personality which might have entitled them into the position of a supermodel before we curse them for having made it to the top because of having the god-gifted quality of beauty? We all love to have a leader who can both teach us what to do while treating us genuinely and with humanity but does the case remain the same when the designation of the leader has a Ms./Mrs. in the signboard and not a Mr.? She might have made it to the top sacrificing her dignity or had she? Do we ever consider the efforts she might have made, the early mornings and the late nights she might have faced and the stress she might have suffered to achieve that position? 32 Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018

We all love to curse lady drivers for being responsible for all the menacing cars running around the road but for the sake of the world that loves running behind scientific logics and facts, have we ever noticed that there is no such scientific fact proving that lady drivers are dangerous? It is always easier to play a blame game with a woman isn’t it? How much we love to say “I’m not a racist”, when we all in our lives have some point or the other judged another woman saying that their ‘picturesque’ Instagram pictures stands nowhere near to the reality of what they look like. I mean c’mon why would you act hypocrite and state yourself to be person who advocates for equality where every now and then you have already built up a framework for how things should go about for a person if they belong to a particular gender. How much we love to give tags like ‘self-conceited’ and ‘patronizing’ to people who actually are bold enough to talk about feminism. The fact that such tags have been associated to numerous people itself shows how misunderstood and misjudged the whole concept of feminism is and how we are always focusing on the negative aspects of it rather than trying to know its true essence and real meaning. Feminism is just a simple concept that focuses on equality of both the sexes and every human being in this world, whether it be a man or an unpaid homemaker women can be a feminist. We all are kind because we freely distribute our sympathy to women thinking that they need to go through bodily cycles, they need to give birth to babies and they need to suffer the trauma of being bullied or are we? It’s easier to sympathize than to empower isn’t it? Rallies on women empowerment might take place every now and then but the true essence of women empowerment is only going to flourish and nourish when instead of judging a woman by her inabilities we encourage her by looking at her proficiency. After all, we are all humans and just like any other human being every woman is perfectly imperfect in her way. Credits: Mahima Poddar and Tejaswini Khadka Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018 33

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