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DIRECTOR speaks Khagendra Prasad Adhikari Managing Director Vinayak College of Health and Science Born in Sankhuwasabha Mr Khagendra Prasad Adhikari descended to Jhapa seeking his chance at opportunities which in hindsight proved to be a pivotal decision. In his early days, he was not only a brilliant scholar but out stood many of his age due to contumacy for bourgeois culture. Influenced by the historical political unrest of 2045, at a very young age, he ventured his political journey as a student leader. A communist by heart and an MD of a reputed paramedic institute by profession, Mr Adhikari is a civicminded individual who values social welfare the most. Almost at the end of the fifth decade of his incredible journey, he shares with us his wisdom disguised in stories. His immaculate appearance and a positive attitude is contagious, hope the essence is not lost in translation. 34 Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018

What have you to say about the degrading faith among people regarding politics? The recent political experience is surely not the best we can establish as leaders and everybody can have an opinion about the government. I unwelcome prejudicial concerns whatever they maybe. Although circumstantially accused as ‘dirty game’, politics is the sole power for change and national development and it is universal. Now that the political reform has taken place, I am sure it’ll be restored. Have you gone through any time that was harsh on you from monetary aspect? Back then, when I was an undergrad at Amrit Campus, I was obliged to pay for tea if anybody joined me because there was always a moral pressure to up your public relation. I remember one incident; I was on my to home and two girls I knew from campus took the same bus. I realised I had just two rupee and I excused myself making up a story that I had missed something. There are many such anecdotes. What was your first business and how did it happen? I was in my twenties then. Healthcare, Press, Travel Agency and HR Agency were the primary four sectors I was interested in. Later, me and my friend came up with an idea of starting a hotel in thamel and although it was not a big success, I had a great experience. How does being a politician make a difference to your business? It expands your horizon and always adds new insight to your business ideas. A politician has a greater reach to public, so if he can use that in a positive way. What do you say to young political enthusiasts who want to take politics as their career? For now what we need is skilled manpower. There is no point in people’s movements and student marches if we are not working on pragmatism first. In fact, you do not need a long political history to be a great politician, you just need to be capable of leading which lies The recent political experience is surely not the best we can establish as leaders and everybody can have an opinion about the government. I unwelcome prejudicial concerns whatever they maybe. in proper education. So for now, just educate yourself. What part of your work satisfies you the most? I am involved in a service centred business and I have helped in producing skilled manpower. Why Nursing and not Medical college? When I started, I felt that human resource in paramedics has great significance in quality health care. Also the capital investment of medical institute is magnificent and it was an easier option with a great prospect. For any business to work what do you think is more important, wit or intellect? An understanding of market is the key. If you are clever enough you’ll know knowledge and skill can be hired. You need to be clever, but cleverness is conceived by intellect. If you get a million dollar to invest in Nepal, what business sector would you prefer? I'd invest in either tourism, horticulture, or hydropower. Our country has great scope in these three sectors. Any political leader that you admire? Late Madan Bhandari. I was acquainted to him and I admire him greatly. Do you remember any shared moment with the legend? Yes. I was summoned to attend him on a meeting at his residence, he happened to be my neighbor. He was back from some function and was dining. Bidhyaji, had prepared the meal for us that was served Director Speaks by their niece. ‘Bidhya, would you shut the curtains? People might say that I did not eat at the party,’ he joked. This is my last memory of him. He was a very wise man. Do you think fashion/appearance makes difference to any personality? It does. Being presentable is something I focus mostly on. I am aware of my choices and try and keep it discreetly agreeable given my public image. Who do you trust blindly? I am critical about everything. So trusting blindly, I can’t afford that. Perhaps one of the lessons I’ve learnt. Describe yourself as a father: Not very strict but I want my children to be disciplined and practise a decent family culture. Tell us about your recent family hangout. Before my wife flew to USA, we’d been to Namobuddha and Nagarkot with my other cousin sister. Complete the sentence I am a bad…. : Eater. I wish I could…: Become a minister? (Laughs) Ocean or mountains, why? Mountains because that’s what we know best. Your Phobia: Water. (Yeah, I can’t swim). Brands you follow: Clothing: Polo, Ralph Lauren Watch: Rado Perfume: Chanel Shades: Tom Ford Shopping epicentre: Bangkok Any two characteristics you admire in a person? Politeness and sociableness. Message for everybody: Reach your goals and let people derive inspiration from that. Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018 35

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