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February Issue

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Women’s Fashion Bold

Women’s Fashion Bold and Beautiful Founder of Holiday Nepal, Rasna Paudel is a Cartographer who has been in the Tourism sector for a long time now. Evolved from a naive fashion enthusiast, she is a rising model. In candid mood, she spoke with us her fashion details which make the unique personality that she is. 40 Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018

Women’s Fashion What is your fashion statement? Comfort and confidence in anything you wear. How can looks affect our personality? It establishes your image in other people’s minds. It is one of the factors that sets you apart. Your wardrobe mostly consists of? Track suit and Saree. What is the most comfortable wear? Track suit. Any trend you find bizarre? When men wear Sports shoes with Suit pants. What should every woman try once in her life? Make up. If you had 5 minutes to dress up for a party, how would you do it? A one piece dress that I can trust on, closed shoes, make up just for the eye and lips, and I’d finish with the simplest hairstyle that goes with the dress. Your preferences: Outfit: Saree Perfume: Victoria’s Secret Accessories: Diamonds Gadgets: Apple and Samsung What would you wear to: A meeting: Formals Night out: Dress Houseparty: Jeans and Blouse Casual day out: Jeans and a tee A date: Red dress (Depends on what kind of date it is *wink*) To a hospital: Tracksuit The makeup products you splurge on? Mascara. I love them. Your dream look is? To look my best in anything I wear. There is not a particular dream look. Fashion tip: Stop fretting about the new trends. Express yourself and keep it authentic. Let your style be their fashion statement. Rasna Paudel Founder, Holidays Nepal Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018 41

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