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Travel Diaries The Safari: The flora and fauna that abound within these boundaries are abundant not just quantity but variety as well. You can choose the expedition of the Jungle safaris to be on foot, jeep, or elephant ride. If you get lucky, you might spot the famous one horned Rhino, and Bengal tiger. The Bish hajar Taal (20,000 lakes) wetlands area approximately 10 kilometers north west from Sauraha should not be missed. The National Park: The Chitwan National Park (R500 entrance fee) is home to Bengal tigers, rhinoceroses, bears, leopards, crocodiles and monkeys amongst others, and hundreds of species of birds and butterflies. The village of Sauraha is separated from the national park by the Rapti River, which is safe to swim in. During the dry season one can wander the sand dunes of the shrunken river. It is possible to walk for miles along the mud roads west, north and east of the village to other, rural Tharu villages. 66 Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018

Travel Diaries What not to miss: • The Sun set • Bishazaar Tal sightseeing • Overnight stay in the jungle spotting wild animals from the lookout tower • Tharu cultural show • Exploring Tharu villages • River swimming • Drink at one of the "beach" bars You might have to prepare for: Mosquitoes at certain times of the year (nets are provided in hotels/lodges) / The overzealous hotel touts at the bus park (simply board any jeep that will take you the 3 kms to the village. The country’s southern extremities also have their fair share of natural beauty. The dry season would be best (November-April) and March would be the ideal time.The daytime temperature is not too hot and the elephant grass in the national park has been cut, allowing for better animal spotting. You should really like the laid back atmosphere and end up staying longer than you had primarily planned. The small village has a few restaurants at Pokhara and Thamel, but localstyle eateries as well. There are no asphalt roads here, just dirt/ mud tracks and hardly any traffic. Life is tranquil here. You will want to spend at least one day in the national park, and a couple more days to walk/bike around about. Give yourself at least a minimum of three days. Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018 67

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