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February Issue

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ACCORDING TO STARS Aries Direct your energy towards professional goals. If you don’t have one, set one because this month, your corresponding planets, Venus and Jupiter, align just about perfectly to help your accomplish what you started. Taurus Develop a strong value system and return favors to sustain your public relation. This is a wonderful time to slow down to your most comfortable speed and contemplate your work and make sustainable choices. Gemini Your choice of communication can downplay the gravity of the content so invest in your communication skills and articulate the truth as you see it. Focus on presence of mind and be wise with words. Cancer This month, untie yourself from the ideal corporate image and invest in your personal life. If it’s hard to pin down, make a to do list with something that you wanted to to do no matter how trivial it is. Just let go and live the moment. Leo It’s time to anchor your floating mind and focus on your primary goal in life. Start off with little things that bother you the least. Maybe, declutter your room or arrange your desktop and then step onto greater mess that needs your attention. Virgo You need a wave of change and best if it reflects on the outside too. Let go of an old habit that you are not proud of. It does not have to be just that, you can invest on more subtle aspects of your everyday. Perhaps your hairstyle or, your facebook profile picture! 70 Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018

ACCORDING TO STARS Libra Don't be afraid of roadblocks or delays that seem at first to be ruining your plan. There's no reason you can't change your plans. You may actually enjoy where you end up more than you'd have enjoyed your original destination, especially if you're with right companion. Scorpio You are to step into a new experience and the time could not have been more right. This month, you are gifted with power and determination to remain focused on the goal. By the end of it, you should get what you expected. Sagittarius Even if you really need assistance today, you still need to fight back that nagging inner voice telling you to handle it yourself. Here is a piece of good news: Someone you've helped in the past shall return the favor. Capricorn This month shall bring you good news if you have been anticipating one. Also you might add value to your social image through a combination of good deeds, just don’t ignore the beggars at your door. Aquarius This month, you might have some brilliant insights down the road so dare to execute the ideas you held back earlier. Be it publishing a poem or going on a trip, just do it. Your intuition will guide you through confusion. Pisces There are least chances for your work to be acknowledged. However, don’t seek validation and concerns, this will soon pass. Communicate your worries and confide in the most trusted ones only. Versatile | MARCH-CHAITRA 2018 71

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