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7 Find Your Giant Find

7 Find Your Giant Find Your Giant poster was inspired by street artists Obey, Banksi etc. For this project we were to choose an artist or person we found great interest and inspiration in. I chose musician and DJ, Bassnectar. He is one of my favorite musicians and favorite artists to see live. The intensity and power of his music and his fans is mesmerizing. I wanted to capture just that in this poster. We hand drew and cut our own stencils and airbrushed every element that went into our designs. We then scanned them into the computer and digitally altered them. Bassnectar has a strong fan base and I wanted this poster to have hidden references only someone with a strong interest in his music would realize. For one instance my header, “Paracosm,” not only fits the mood of my message but is also a name of one of his songs.

“The urge to transform one’s appearence, to dance outdoors, to mock the powerful and embrace perfect strangers, is not easy to suppress.” - Barbara Ehrenreich 8

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