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A Guide to Building Links Like a PRO!

Hopefully, your website is populated with content that is topically relevant and streamlined to be SEO rich, have clean HTML, is quick to load and optimised for easy access from mobile devices, but this is only half of the story for the successful marketing of a site. The world of SEO is a fast-moving industry, principally because of Google’s menagerie of algorithm updates that affect how a website is ranked. One thing has remained consistently crucial to a site’s position, however, on the search engine ranking pages: links to the site.

Algorithmic Penalties -

Algorithmic Penalties - Continued • Irrelevant sources – if a site is linked to a publishing site that has no contextual connection to it, the link itself would become ineffective in building any authority for your site. You need to know which link building techniques to use and which ones to avoid. Otherwise, you will suffer the consequences: a digital wrist slap that can cause long reaching, negative implications for your digital presence.

The Digital Wrist Slap: Google Penalties for Breaching Guidelines Google actively seeks out and penalises websites with low-quality links and those they consider ‘spammy.’ The severity of the penalty depends on how badly Google’s guidelines have been flouted. Individual pages can be penalised, or the whole site can be removed from Google’s indices – site suicide. There are two types of penalty, manual and algorithmic. Penalties from Google apply to your site in real-time, no matter if you complied to the guidelines that were historically active. You must be proactive and dynamic to follow link building best practices to keep the site compliant with current guidelines to avoid penalties.

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