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A Guide to Building Links Like a PRO!

Hopefully, your website is populated with content that is topically relevant and streamlined to be SEO rich, have clean HTML, is quick to load and optimised for easy access from mobile devices, but this is only half of the story for the successful marketing of a site. The world of SEO is a fast-moving industry, principally because of Google’s menagerie of algorithm updates that affect how a website is ranked. One thing has remained consistently crucial to a site’s position, however, on the search engine ranking pages: links to the site.

Tools - Continued - Moz

Tools - Continued - Moz Page Authority (PA) Whereas Domain Authority grades the strength of entire domains, Page Authority considers individual pages. You may be wondering why Page Authority is a significant metric for your attention, but it allows you to see which pages are more rank-friendly, i.e., more successful. It can help you assess your competitors and give you valuable insight as to how well your link building campaign is faring. It can show you what you can do to improve it with the content you have displayed – good content that provokes social signals by being shared, commented on or liked, use images and infographics, and improving backlinks! Spam Score The Spam Score is exactly what it says on the tin! The greater the score, the more likely that the site is spammy. There are 17 areas that Moz consider to be metrics of spam-like behaviour. While up to 4 flags are considered ok, what if there are more than 7? A greater score than 7/17 will indicate to Google that this is not a quality site, and if you post your link on this site, you will be tarred with the same brush and may suffer from a low ranking as a result. It is a metric to keep an eye on! You can access Moz for a free thirty-day trial to see how it works, and if you’re happy with what they offer, you can subscribe to a payment plan to continue to access this wealth of digital metric knowledge.

Tools - Majestic SEO Majestic is all about relevancy and trust. The connection between these paragons of virtue and links to your website have been explored already in this article. The Majestic SEO tool provides valuable information on where links have come from and the value that is attached to them. In short, it’s a powerful backlinking tool and helps you decide whether a site is technically trustworthy or not. The range of information that Majestic provides is thorough, but don’t let that put you using its metrics! When you are looking for a site to publish your content on, you may be wowed with how a site looks, but your view may contrast with how Google and other search engines interpret the same pages.

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