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A Guide to Building Links Like a PRO!

Hopefully, your website is populated with content that is topically relevant and streamlined to be SEO rich, have clean HTML, is quick to load and optimised for easy access from mobile devices, but this is only half of the story for the successful marketing of a site. The world of SEO is a fast-moving industry, principally because of Google’s menagerie of algorithm updates that affect how a website is ranked. One thing has remained consistently crucial to a site’s position, however, on the search engine ranking pages: links to the site.

Tools -

Tools - SEMrush is the go-to site for identifying which keywords to use for organic keyword ranking, and how to use them to boost your content’s visibility across a variety of relevant sites that will be productive to your campaign. The keywords that you choose to use are essential in helping people find your website, and SEMrush uses a huge amount of SEO intelligence to help you finely tune your keyword strategy. It effectively takes the guesswork and reliance on assumptions out of the game.

Identify Keywords The first step to using SEMrush within your campaign is to develop an understanding of who your top organic search competitors are, and what keywords they use. The link building tool will provide you with outreach targets that have been proven to help other websites succeed using the same keywords. Identify Competitors The second step is to either manually enter your competitors’ sites into the software or allow SEMrush to suggest sites from their Organic Competitors Report. This will establish whether they are benefitting from the use of your selected words. By analysing this data, you can track where your competitors are gaining or losing ranking position. You can then use this knowledge to better your position by using the data to identify potential areas to target and the quality of sites to use for backlinks. Tools - Continued

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