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A Guide to Building Links Like a PRO!

Hopefully, your website is populated with content that is topically relevant and streamlined to be SEO rich, have clean HTML, is quick to load and optimised for easy access from mobile devices, but this is only half of the story for the successful marketing of a site. The world of SEO is a fast-moving industry, principally because of Google’s menagerie of algorithm updates that affect how a website is ranked. One thing has remained consistently crucial to a site’s position, however, on the search engine ranking pages: links to the site.

Tools - Ahrefs Ahrefs’

Tools - Ahrefs Ahrefs’ Site Explorer is another option that you can use to quickly assess and analyse a site while using extensive near enough real-time data. The main tools for measuring the authority and quality of a linking site are the Domain Rating, URL Rating, and Ashrefs Rank. Domain Rating (DR) – This is the clearest representation of a site’s authority through the quantity and quality of unique links to it, and it is scaled from 0-100. New sites with a 0 have no inward links, whereas sites with 100 are graded with the greatest. Ahrefs Rank – This is very similar to the DR. It is the position that a website is ranked by the size and quality of their backlink portfolio in relation to every other website that is indexed. However, your ranking position may drop if a lower positioned site overtakes you in the number of links that you have, even though your DR remains the same. It’s a good indicator of when you need to do some more linking work! URL Rating (UR) – This is also graded 0-100, but it’s the strength or authority of an individual page. It measures the strength of a target URL’s backlink profile and the possibility that it will rank highly in Google.

Tools - Continued -Ahrefs Domain Rating correlates very well with Google’s algorithms, but the URL Rating correlates even better with Google, which means that potentially you can outrank sites of higher authority with strong backlinks. To do this, you need to have links from high DR sites, because they carry more weight, but how do you know which sites to check for DR and URL scores? Through its Link Intersect Tool, Ahrefs helpfully compiles a Top Referring Content report which can be used alongside their Inbound Links Reports to identify influential websites that are linking to competitors or industry leaders. Add to the mix the DR and UR rating, and you can identify who you should be targeting to get a backlink from. You may be surprised at the results that you find, but you’ll be pleased that you went the extra mile!

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