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A Guide to Building Links Like a PRO!

Hopefully, your website is populated with content that is topically relevant and streamlined to be SEO rich, have clean HTML, is quick to load and optimised for easy access from mobile devices, but this is only half of the story for the successful marketing of a site. The world of SEO is a fast-moving industry, principally because of Google’s menagerie of algorithm updates that affect how a website is ranked. One thing has remained consistently crucial to a site’s position, however, on the search engine ranking pages: links to the site.

Tools Continued - Search

Tools Continued - Search Metrics Visibility Not only intent on giving you current visibility ranking, Search Metrics crawls historical data to show how websites have developed their site’s visibility over time which can correlate the data against Google updates, site relaunches or penalties. You can also add three further domains to allow comparison. Visibility is calculated using keywords, links, and social signals, so it’s a key tool to help you assess a site’s quality. You also have a pie chart that compares the success of organic and paid keywords on a monthly basis - hilariously expressed as winners or losers! This gives you a clear indication of where to focus on for maximum return. Search Metric gives you the ability to explore the organic keywords that have been used in searches. It shows you clearly the search volume and allows you to filter the data to suit your requirements. Perhaps you are targeting a specific country and need to tailor your keywords for cultural reasons.

Tools Continued - Search Metrics Tip: a high ranking, organic keyword that also has a high cost-per-click screams at you that the keyword is of high value to you too. Search Metrics also gives you the option to explore longtail keywords. This is an added bonus when you are determining the best keywords to use. You have two options for using your keywords:. Identify a small group of keywords, including longtail terms, to use in your link building strategy. Con: your competitors may pick up on them when they undergo similar analysis Create a collection of words that you can use across your site and content that will optimise it to its full extent.

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