7 months ago

2018 PRIME Magazine

This is the official 2018 Magazine for the Lifestyle of the Believer: Prime of My Life Young Adult Conference. This year’s theme is P3 – Positioned, Pumped, and Primed. All of the information you need and more can be found in this one spot. Make sure to visit for all of our events and programs.


TOPIC: I am because, He is I AM Are you on a quest for identity? Have you felt all hope was gone? Have you felt betrayed, abandoned, neglected and rejected? Have you been diagnosed with the unthinkable? Does it seem like you never have enough? Have you lost your way? If so, remember the Great I Am and all He endured and has overcome! Christ lives in you and you are a carrier of glorious victory! You are a purposed vessel of glory filled with the fruit of the spirit, healed, delivered, & set free! Hear the story of Christ that has transformed Dr. Nikia's life who is a witness that She is because He is I am! Make the affirmation "I am because, He is I AM!" TOPIC: Don't Be Silenced! God has placed a gift like no other inside of you. Yes... YOU! Only you have the ability to bring forth this ministry. You are unique, sometimes misunderstood, but the ministry God placed within you is exactly what is needed for a time and generation such as THIS! It is through YOUR gift and ministry that God will bring healing, deliverance, and breakthrough to His people. Don’t be Silenced! 17