7 months ago

2018 PRIME Magazine

This is the official 2018 Magazine for the Lifestyle of the Believer: Prime of My Life Young Adult Conference. This year’s theme is P3 – Positioned, Pumped, and Primed. All of the information you need and more can be found in this one spot. Make sure to visit for all of our events and programs.


To motivate, empower, and inspire groups and individuals to realize their potential and purpose in Christ through motivational and inspirational speaking, dynamic teaching, and spiritual empowerment. Through passionate, purposeful, and anointed messages and presentations, the individual or group will be empowered to live a life that is rich in purpose. What is the "Lifestyle of the Believer?" God has called us, those of us in the household of faith, to live victoriously. Lifestyle of the Believer exists to empower individuals and groups to live up to their fullest potential, and to help them realize their purpose and the gifts that God has planted within them. It's harvest time. God has planted gifts and talents within you and it is the time for manifestation. The earth is waiting for the children of God to rise up and make known the mysteries of God. Allow LOB to motivate and encourage you and your group to live a life that is rich in purpose. 5