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St. George’s Basilica

St. George’s Basilica is located at the Jiřské Náměstí and it is one of our most significant Romanesque monuments as the second oldest Prague church established around 920 by prince Vratislav I. In 925, the remains of the murdered princess Ludmila were deposited here, the grandmother of St. Václav and the first Czech martyress. When the neighbouring St. George’s Monastery was established in 973, the temple was extended and re-built into a three-aisle basilica in an Oton’s, early-Romanesque style. After the fire in 1142, the basilica was restored by the mother superior Berta nearly to its present appearance. Two white towers of are made by stone roof and two rows of Romanesque windows were added to the side aisles in the East. The thinner, Northern tower was called Eve, and the wider, Southern tower, built above the original separate chapel, was called Adam. Eve is slant, and was reinforced during the 70s in the framework of construction works. In the first half of the 13 th century, the Chapel of St. Ludmila with her grave was added. Until 1055, the Basilica served the purpose of the official Premyslid dynasty burial grounds, before the St. Vitus Church was built. Prince Vratislav is buried here, as well as prince Oldřich and Jaromír, probably. In the crypt, accessible via a Baroque staircase, there is a black statue of Brigitte as the symbol of human inconsistency and frailty (depicting a maiden body post mortem). The remains of a Romanesque wall painting are preserved on the choir vault as well as in the neighbouring St. Ludmila’s Chapel. Regarding the original Romanesque furnishings, there are preserved parts of a relief with Madonna crowned by the angels, kneeling mother superior Mlada and Berta, and on the side, there is Přemysl Otakar I and his sister, mother superior Agnes (Anežka). During the era of Joseph II, the abolished St. George’s Monastery was used by the army, and the church dilapidated considerably, too. In the years 1887 - 1908 it was reconstructed according to the design of František Mach, who tried to renew the original Romanesque appearance. Archaeological research took place in the church and in the monastery in the years 1958 - 64. Jheniffer Santos Pereira 16

The Royal Palace The original residence building, mostly wooden, was built at Prague Castle already at the turn of the 9th and 10th century. Its exact location is not documented. It was prince Soběslav in the 12th century who had a stone Romanesque palace built right next to a new fortification wall. Remains of it have been preserved in the underground till the present times. The palace was adjoined on its eastern side by All Saints' Chapel, which was consecrated in 1185. Stella, Lorenzo, Giorgia “We enjoyed nice views” 17

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