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LEGENDS Rabbi Loew and

LEGENDS Rabbi Loew and his Golem The golem was made to serve the people of Jewish Quarter. Loew is said to have fashioned the creature from clay from the banks of the Vltava and brought it to life by inserting a capsule, known as a shem, which contained a scroll, in the golem’s mouth. Whoever inserted the shem had control over the golem. Loew mainly had the golem do good works, helping the people in the community and protecting them from attacks. According to one version, the golem fell in love with a young woman called Sarah, and would follow her around like a puppy, albeit an immensely strong, gigantic, clay puppy. On the sabbath, Lowe would remove the shem and the golem would remain motionless. One day, the Rabbi forgot, and without his master there, the golem became destructive, basically trashing the Rabbi’s home. Loew returned and removed the shem and had the now lifeless golem placed in the attic of the New Old Synagogue, where it’s said it remained, slowing turning into a mound of dry dust. In another account, on the occasion of Loew’s one hundredth birthday, he went to see the golem. He was shocked to see that his creation was merely a head, and the head was crying. When the old man leaned down to wipe the tears away, he died. Alessandro Marino 20

“We enjoyed a nice typical snack… all dirty with chocolate” The Legend of Dalibor (Dalibor's Violin) The name of tower of Dalibor (daliborka) at the Prague Castle is connected to one of Prague's best-known legends, which was also made into by Bedrich Smetana in 1868. According to this legend, a man called Dalibour from Kozojedy, a small town near Litomerice, was sentenced to death and imprisoned in this tower for giving shelter to some rebellious peasants. While waiting for the fatal day, Dalibor would play his violin and his music was so beautiful that all the people of Prague were moved and enchanted and the local authorities didn't dare announce the date of the execution. People knew that the generous Dalibor was dead when his violin fell forever silent. Folco Fabiani 21

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