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parts in the machine. It is a matchless and unique technical relic. Before the end of the war, the astronomical clock was wounded via a crank, then it was connected to an electric motor. Big Ben in London works on the same principle. There is a calendar dial in the lower part of the facade. It shows the day and its position within a week, a month and a year. A clock was placed at the top of the tower in 1805. There is a gallery for visitors offering views of the Old Town. The astronomical clock was repaired and restored in the period between September and November 2005, with a reconstruction of the clock machinery, the astronomical dial and Mánes’ calendarium. In 2010, the astronomical clock celebrates 600 years. This anniversary is not bound with a certain date. Veronica Gad THE OLD TOWN HALL The Old Town Hall became the center of the autonomy of the Old Town of Prague in 1338, when King John of Luxemburg granted the bourgeois permission to establish it. The eighteenth century brought important changes, in fact the four cities of Prague were unified and in 1784 the town hall became the seat of the city's unique administration. From 1871 marriages are celebrated in the town hall. From 1.7.1922 4

to the beginning of October 1941 in the Old Town Hall the remains of an unknown Czechoslovak soldier were deposited from a cemetery near Zborov. During the Nazi occupation the tomb of the unknown soldier was removed. In the last years of the occupation the town hall was the center of insurrections. On May 7, 1945 the town hall was bombed and set on fire. The eastern wing and the northern wing facing the Tyn cathedral remained completely destroyed; the clock tower and the chapel were also seriously damaged. On the ground floor the Prague City archive, the library and the precious collections were destroyed. Strangely, the fire did not destroy the tower of the town hall tower. The base is made up of some Romanesque houses, however the prevailing style is the Gothic one. The nucleus of the town hall consist of the gothic angular house of Woflin da Kamen. It has a richly decorated Gothic portal and a window with the coat of arms of the Old Town and the Bohemiam Kingdom. To it was added a mighty 69,5 meter high prismatic tower. On the first floor of the tower was built a chapel with a richly decorated closed balcony. Above the portal of access of the chapel we find an emblem – a garland brought by two kingfishers and the letter E probably the initial of Queen Eufemia. The enclosed balcony is decorated with a series of statues and motifs depicting animals and human faces. Its facade is decorated with the beautiful three-piece Renaissance window bearing the words Praga caput regni (Prague at the head of the kingdom). Luca Volpato 5

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