6 months ago

March Newsletter -Spring Issue 2018


WILTON BOOK FAIR FAIR MANAGER, BOB HOOKER Wilton Book Fair 4th March 2018. We had two Beasts from the East. The snow and the Russians (Wilton is very close to Salisbury). Luckily, only the snow had any effect on us. The snow was mainly gone from the area by the Sunday, so the fair could go ahead. We were about 25 % down on exhibitors (the snow was still bad further away). We were also about 25 % down on admissions. But the average take was up from last year at £398. The lowest take was still over £100. So I think most of us that made it, both exhibitors and public had a good day. I would like to thank many of our members for their help and assistance. Especially to Anne and Helen for all their help with the posters and comps in Wilton and Salisbury, and Martin for the help on the day. We have another fair booked for Sunday 19th August at Wilton, why not give it a try, good access , lots of free parking, event well signposted, and good food available all day. 10

EDGBASTON BOOK FAIR FAIR MANAGER, COLIN RAXTER We can consider ourselves fortunate that the fair went ahead in decent weather as fairs on the adjoining weekends were cancelled due to snow. We only had twenty dealers as we were forced to go with the London weekend due to several premier and specialist fairs taking place around the same time. I think this weekend cost us atleast three dealers. Having said all that the average was maintained at £439, all our fairs thus far managed a mid to high 400 average. One dealer who returned last minute after a gap due to poor takes suddenly found himself just short of four figures and a "rookie" was pleased enough with his take to book the next fair immediately. I had a good sale of Cricket to a customer who had only walked in for a gift voucher and had no idea the fair was taking place, the advantage of selling in a public area. The stats: £0-£199 six, £200-£499 six, £500-£999 seven, £1000-£2000 one. Average £439 Median £366 Trade was 8% and visiting trade 10.6% of the overall take. The next fair takes place on 17th November and there are still some spaces left. 11