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March Newsletter -Spring Issue 2018


A MESSAGE FROM THE HONORARY SECRETARY JOHN MARTIN, MAYFLY “We are moving into the big fair season and everyone is very busy. Hopefully everyone will do well. The prospects for ILEC and Oxford look good and I hear the Fine Press Fair was a success. Philip Morris and I had an inaugural meet of the PBFA/ABA Liaison Committee in Edinburgh with Roger Treglown representing the ABA. The focus is very much on the new EEC proposed legislation for Cultural Goods over 250 years old. A fuller report will appear in the next issue when Phillip has reported on the ambit of the proposed legislation. A tricky topic which in my opinion our rulers have given scant thought to. On a cautionary note, can I suggest all members are extra vigilant with regard to all online payments. "Invoicing Fraud" is rife and out of control. Do not assume your invoice on a PDF is secure-it is probably not - and beware of any communication where you are being asked to redirect your payment away from the original invoiced details. Check any suggested variation with the person who should legitimately receive the money by phone or in person - do not rely on emails. Bandits seem to be able to access emails and ride on the back of them with what looks like a perfectly legitimate sounding correspondence. Remember, if you are the payer and you accidently pay a bandit you are still liable to the payee even if you accidently make a payment induced by fraud. You will receive no help from Banks - they don't seem to care and the Police are overwhelmed and cannot cope. I have on file a recent letter from T/Commander Clark of City of London Police which I am happy to copy to anyone who is interested, stating Action Fraud receives 40,000 notifications a month so there is little wonder his clearly under resourced unit is swamped. I am following this all up with Paul Lewis who does the Moneybox programme on telly and will report further. Just take great care. Check check and check again. If in any doubt do not pay online revert to a cheque." 2

DURHAM FAIR REPORT FAIR MANAGER, GILL TIFFIN Well, retirement didn’t last long, though I’m delighted to report that my “shadow”, Roger Ford of Humford Mill Books, hasn’t been put off managing the fair in 2019. He is happy to take it over but only if I become the “shadow”. Tony thinks he is a brave man - I can’t imagine why! It’s always a difficult decision to move to a new location, as there are so many things to take into consideration. We’ve not quite managed perfection but judging by the reaction of customers and exhibitors alike we’re getting there. Housing all the stands in the one room, which is light and airy with plenty of space to move around, is a good start, and masses of customer parking space with designated parking for the exhibitors, and an enthusiastically run cafe are all very positive. Now all this has to be built upon, and especially we must bring in more collectors. Making the route from the railway station as clear as possible would be a start. Unfortunately the journey to the venue is a little tortuous, involving two journeys by bus, but 4 buses an hour pass the venue, so I can see the team trying it out one day! 283 customers came through the door with a few mini extras. “The Snowman” was going to nursery and the gatefold had been chewed by baby brother! 3