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March Newsletter -Spring Issue 2018

The total amount spent

The total amount spent was £15,539 with 3 takes over £1,000, 4 between £500-£999, 13 between £300-£499, 13 between £100-£299 and a disappointing 6 under £100. Roger has some excellent ideas on how to build on this and attract more old and new collectors in 2019 so please don’t be disheartened, and book the fair for next year. The publicity machine has become so electronic that I’ve been left behind but thanks to the skills of Pritida, the PBFA’s Marketing Manager Roger and several of our Exhibitors twittered, tweeted, Facebooked and blogged our way round the North East. I thought it was only birds that tweeted! There is still room for the old ways too and thanks to the Farquharsons we achieved four pages in the Northern Echo - amazing. The Durham Advertiser, free at the Premiere Inn, so I guess delivered to all households in Durham, also had a headline ‘Book Fair gives insight into past’. Thanks also to the other exhibitors who produced items including Little Grey Rabbit’s Valentine, Superb Virility of Manhood (1904) and Woman: Her Charm & Power (1900) more in praise of woman starting with 'we find women groaning under the hard hand of oppression' and nears conclusion with 'there are possibilities in her yet unrealised'. Whether any of the newspapers picked up on that I’m not sure but they couldn’t have been more topical that week. The staff at Durham Johnston were exceedingly helpful which made things much easier for us. The caretakers did a great job setting up the room with the help of my plan and Jeremiah Vokes and Roger’s measuring. The days of worry about the catering have gone. Bacon rolls from 8am with hot and cold food throughout the day. My only negative comment of the day was a lady who said there was too much salt in the soup but her companion was very happy with the parking, having driven from Morpeth. It takes a couple of years to build a successful fair. Roger will do it with your support. Please start by booking the Durham fair in 2019. 4

As with all fairs in the calendar, the exhibitor’s support, especially with publicity, is vital. Remember that all managers need to receive their help to run a successful fair. Thank you to all our exhibitors who brought some wonderful stock (sorry more customers didn’t purchase them), for manning the door and for making it such a happy fair. GOOD LUCK ROGER! STRATFORD-UPON-AVON BOOK FAIR FAIR MANAGER, STEPHEN RENCH The Stratford book fair in January took place in rather better weather than usual this time. The numbers were similar - 381 visitors through the door (383 in January 2017). The average take was just over £300. The next fair will be held on Saturday 25th August and the hall is spacious, so still some spaces available if you are interested. 5