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March Newsletter -Spring Issue 2018

national television over

national television over the book fair and post-book fair weeks. Our trusty poster sites around the city were also put to good use. Yes, we have to pay for them, but this guarantees that the posters will remain on display for the duration and not be taken down in temper by angry guardians of church railings or rival event organisers. Now to put our feet up until next year’s planning begins in October. Maybe we can concentrate on our own business a little.... The all important figures, using the new layout requested by the NEC TOTAL SALES £121,727 Take break down in percentage terms AVERAGE £1561 PUBLIC 39.1% MEDIAN £1219 EXHIBITING TRADE 47.7% TOP TAKE £6780 VISITING TRADE 13.1% BOTTOM TAKE £250.00 TAKES BY BANDS £0 - £199 = 0 £200 - £499 = 6 £500 - £999 = 25 £1000 - £2499 = 25 £2500 = 18 . We had 931 through the door, paying and complimentary tickets, I would guess that the total number of visitors was around 1200. A good turn out as usual. 8

CLITHEROE BOOK FAIR FAIR MANAGER, NEIL SUMMERSGILL (in his natural pose, his words not mine) This fair was had dropped Though the of opening clearly people mind than bread and supermarkets. separate road Clitheroe to many people and cleared off. severly affected by the snow which on most of Britain that week. road crews did a sterling job routes up again in this area, had other things on their books, like trying to find milk and Benedictine in To add to the misery, two accidents practically closed traffic around noon and must have just turned round Great, we needed that. The figures are pretty meaningless, though, perhaps not so for those who were there. Here they are, with the previous two years’ statistics in brackets: Total attendance was 70 (206, 173) – made up of Payers 47 (141,119), and comps of various sorts 23 (65). There were 12 (18, 15) exhibitors, with total sales of £3200 (£7054, £6746), an average of £266 (£392, £450), topped and tailed to £175 (£346, £327). Exhibitor spend was £375 (£1645, £2867), visiting trade £482 (£883, £287) and public spending £2343 (£4526, £3592). Top take was £1431 (£1493, £2446) and bottom was £20 (£18, £54). The split in takes was: under £100: 5; £1-199: 5 £750-£1000: 1; over £1000: 1 Special thanks are due to all exhibitors who attended. A lot of effort was expended by all, but for little reward, a disappointment which led to me later being found slumped on a park bench, frothing at the mouth, a common enough sight in these parts which causes little concern. 9