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Hangzhou Duck Soup with

Hangzhou Duck Soup with Chinese Ham and Fish Balls Not one for novice home chefs, this tasty broth packs a punch that makes it worth the effort. Recipe by Y. L. Lau, executive chef at Crystal Jade Jiang Nan. Serves 4 Ingredients 1 rice-fed duck, about 1.2kg 12 bundles of Shanghai bok choy 12 Hangzhou fish balls 600g huotong Jinhua ham (shank end with bone) 12 Jinhua ham slices 3.5L water 1 Chinese grass carp Ginger slices, to taste Green onions, cut into 2.5cm pieces, to taste Salt,totaste Water Prep & cook time 2 hours; 4.5 hours 1 2 3 4 Removetheskinandfinsfromthecarp,andmashthefishintoapaste.Addgreen onions and ginger into water, then pour mixture into the fish paste and stir. Season with salt, then mix until the paste thickens. Mould the fish paste into 2.5cm balls, then simmer in hot water over low heat for five minutes until cooked. Drain. Make the soup Wash the huotong ham, blanch in boiling water and drain. Place the blanched haminapotwith3.5Lofwaterandbringtotheboil,thencookonlowheatfor 1.5hours.Removetheham,butkeepthehamstock.Washtheduck,blanchin fresh boiling water, then pat dry. Place the blanched duck into the ham stock and bring to the boil, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 2.5 hours until the duck meat falls off the bone. Cook other ingredients Boil the bok choy and set aside. Blanch Jinhua ham slices, steam until properly cooked for around 15 to 20 minutes then set aside. Serve Add the fish balls and bok choy into the simmering soup. Place Jinhua ham slices over the duck. Bring soup to the boil and serve.

Five Snake Soup Nothing warms you up like a bowl of viscous, nourishing snake soup. Recipe by Chan Yat-sang, executive chef at Stellar House. Serves 2 Ingredients 240g five snake mix (usually a combination of cobra, banded krait, Chinese krait, Indo- Chinese rat snake, water snake), steamed 120g fish maw, blanched and sliced into strips 80g ginger, sliced Dried tangerine peel, to taste 40g black mushrooms, thinly sliced 40g wood ear fungus, thinly sliced 40g bamboo shoots, julienned 120g fresh chicken meat, steamed 2pcs lemon leaves Soup base Old chicken Pork bones Jinhua ham Lean pork Snake bones Garnish Chrysanthemum petals, to taste Freshcoriander,totaste Lemon or lime leaves, thinly sliced Fried dough or wonton skins, to taste Salt and pepper, to taste 1 2 3 3 Prepare the snake meat Askthebutchertoskinandbonethesnakes.Keepthebonesfor making the soup base. Boil the snake meat until cooked. Allow to cool and hand-shred. Prepare the ingredients Soak the fish maw, tangerine peel, black mushrooms and wood ear fungus in separate containers. Julienne the ginger, tangerine peel, black mushroom and wood ear fungus into equal-sized matchsticks; the fish maw may be bigger. Hand-shred the steamed chicken. Set aside. Make the soup base In a large pot, simmer all the soup base ingredients over low heat for six hours. Strain out the ingredients, then season with salt. Add the ingredients to soup Add the prepared ingredients to the soup base and bring to the boil, then simmer gently for 20 minutes. Garnish and add salt and pepper to taste. Prep & cook time 1 hour; 6.5 hours

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