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A staple of dinner

A staple of dinner tables, bakeries and snack bars worldwide, pies and tarts are enjoyed anywhere and at any time of the day. Pies come in a huge variety: holiday pies, homemade pies, grand pies, tiny pies, sweet pies and savoury pies. There are pies for afternoon snacks and pies for late-night tummy grumbles. Here are some of the world’s favourites. Words Lorria Sahmet Photos Happy Yuen

1 2 3 1. Meat Pie This palm-sized Antipodean meat pie is designed to be enjoyed on the go. Traditionally filled with minced meat andgravy,andservedwithadollop ofketchupontop,thepiesalsocome with fillings such as onion, mushrooms, cheese and exotic meats such as camel andbuffalo.Aswellasstreetstalls,meat pies can be found in many pubs and restaurants, served with peas, mashed potatoes and an ice-cold beer. 2. Baked Cheese Tarts Originating in Japan and hugely popular across Asia, these bite-sized tarts are twicebakedforacrumbly,crunchy, cookie-textured crust. The fluffy interior is made from three types of cream cheese: mild Hakodate cheese from Hokkaido, full-bodied Betsukai cheese and a salted French cheese for flavour. However, don’t be fooled by its cheesy filling; these tarts tend to be slightly sweet rather than savoury. 3. Spanakopita A Greek rendition of the spinach pie, spanakopita is made by wrapping ingredients – typically spinach, feta, eggandonions–inflakyfilopastry, made with butter or olive oil, and baked. A popular snack, the classic triangular pastry is often served with tzatziki, a dip made from yogurt, garlic, cucumber and fresh herbs (usually dill or mint). For extra gooeyness, use a mixture of different cheeses. From left: Mince and onion pie from The Globe ($160 each); Spanakopita from Employees Only ($198 each)

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