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What our wine and

What our wine and spirits experts are drinking. 10 Year-old Rum “St Nicholas Abbey is a great expression of an English-style rum and a favourite of mine. A dry rum, it packs a punch with lots of flavour and heart without being too sweet. Whisky drinkers often love this rum, which contains similar, if slightly sweeter, notes of vanilla spice, toffee apple, barrel char, maple spice and buttery, creamy toffee. There are also hints of marzipan and dates, as well as a tinge of espresso bean. In terms of flavour profile, it has a light, soft and fruity palate with oak and bourbon notes.” from Mario Calderone Bar manager, Honi Honi Tiki Lounge A born and bred Italian who has spent the past 10 years perfecting his craft of mixology across the globe Babylonstoren, Nebukadnesar 2015 “Nebukadnesar 2015 is the flagship Bordeaux blend from one of South Africa’s oldest Cape Dutch farms, Babylonstoren, which dates back to 1692. This beautiful property has extensive gardens and a restaurant with an almost legendary earthto-table philosophy, serving up the freshest produce straight from the garden. Dense, concentrated and inky, with lovely perfume, spicy accents and succulent fruit, expect this wine to fill your mouth with flavour, so serve it with roasted duck, lamb or beef. It’s not hard to see why Asia’s top wine professionals judged it Best South African Wine at the 2017 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition.” from Debra Meiburg Master of Wine dicated wine professional teaching the world to navigate their taste buds Orange is the New Black from Rohit Dugar Founder, Young Master Ales Beer aficionado turned fullblown beer geek “Orange is the New Black is a decadent limited-release porter by Hong Kong’s Young Master brewery. With a 6.6 per cent alcohol content, this is a rich yet drinkable porter that balances the roasty, chocolatey and coffee notes characteristic to the beer style. Inspired by the flavour profile of a chocolate-orange truffle, the brewers infused the beer with Valrhona cacao nibs, orange peel and fresh vanilla beans. At 30 IBU (International Bittering Units), it has a mild bitterness that provides just the right counter-point to the sweet chocolate and citrus flavours, preparing your palate for the next sip. Pair it with Big Sur’s Memphis-style ribs and then continue drinking it after your meal as dessert.”

Power through winter with this adventurous hot cocktail inspired by Jeff Talarigo’s book The Ginseng Hunter. Recipe by Hungie Fong, bar manager at The Envoy. Drink photo Happy Yuen Ingredients 60ml fresh Korean pear juice 10ml fresh lime juice 1pc candied ginger Ginseng redistilled gin AbottleofLondon dry gin Dried ginseng, to taste Yata watte tea syrup 8g yata watte tea leaves 110ml boiling water White sugar, about 110g or equal quantity as weight of brewed tea 1 2 3 Make the ginseng redistilled gin Redistill the London dry gin with the dried ginseng, using a rotary evaporator to concentrate the flavours and create a clear consistency. Pour into a clean glass bottle and label. Set aside. Make the yata watte tea syrup Steepyatawattetealeavesinboilingwaterforfiveminutes.Strain.Addanequalamountof white sugar to the weight of brewed tea (50:50 ratio of sugar and tea). Stir until dissolved. Pour into a clean glass bottle and label. Set aside until cool. Make the cocktail In a milk-steaming jug, add 40ml ginseng redistilled gin, 30ml tea syrup, the Korean pear juice and lime juice, and stir briefly. Using the steam wand on an espresso machine, heat and froth until hot to touch. Pour into a warmed ceramic mug and garnish with candied ginger on a cocktail pick. Serve on a coaster.

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