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06 Crave Panel The experts who advise us on food-related topics 08 Buzz Things to do, food to eat and places to go 12 Events VIP private viewings and fancy soirées 22 28 16 Wish List Objects we desire and where to find them 18 Chef Meet South Korean celebrity chef Edward Kwon, who ditched priesthood for the pan 22 People Three hotpot experts have the scoop on Hong Kong’s favourite comfort dish 46 34 34 Feature All you need to know about magical, therapeutic Chinese soup, plus eight soul-restoring soup recipes 46 Design Inside a tree house-inspired apartment in Kowloon 58 Guide Pies and tarts to warm your hearts 62 Drink Top picks from our wine and spirits experts, and a cocktail recipe to try at home 28 Feast Thebestdisheswe’veeaten recentlyandwhereto find them 50 Travel SeoulsearchinginSouth Korea’s effervescent capital 64 Crave Box Sign up online to win great prizes

ROMANCE IN THE SKY Bonne Saint Valentin Le39V is presenting a decadent 6-course dinner to celebrate the day of love. Enjoy our passioninfused menu in the romantic setting paired with the breath-taking Victoria Harbor view. SHOP A, 101 FLOOR, INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE CENTRE, 1 AUSTIN ROAD WEST, KOWLOON T: (852) 2977 5266 E: LE39VHK@JCGROUP.HK

Issue 27 - Cathay Pacific Catering Services
Vol. 9 No. 1 (September) - The University of Hong Kong
Finemusic 美樂集(02/2013) - 香港電台
cpd/pqsl events - Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
wild foods of australia - International Specialised Skills Institute
Ginger - Clemson University
Chinese New Year is Upon Us - Fiesta
行政長官與商界對談 - The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
Visible Secrets - Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London
Asia Pacific Area Team - UK P&I