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2018 SunCruiser Okanagan

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BY STEVE FENNELL, PHOTOS COURTESY NEIL GILBERT Smooth Runnings Templar 26' Sea Ray Boats The Templar 26’ is specifically targeted at the baby boomer market with a range of practical features. Designed and built in Kelowna, BC, Templar Marine Group is making new waves in the electric boat market with this all-new eco-friendly model. A spacious stern simplifies dock access to and from the dock or the water. Limiting or even eliminating the use of fossil fuels wherever we can is now more common than ever, even among recreational boaters. The electric boat market is an evergrowing segment in the marine industry and while there’s still a reliance on fossil fuels with the use of diesel and petroleum, many lakes or select waterways in North America prohibit the use of fuel-powered boats. In fact, a growing number of canals and inland waterways throughout Europe and Singapore are now banning all power-driven vessels – unless they are operated by an electric motor – and more countries are likely to follow. The Templar 26ʹ from Templar Marine Group is the latest entry in the electric boat segment and is specifically targeted at the baby boomer market. It’s designed for those who don’t have the desire for white-knuckled speeds in go-fast boats, and prefer a quiet (almost silent), easy-to-operate, eco friendly, and cost-efficient model to enjoy cruising in the slow lane. 14 OKANAGAN SUNCRUISER Designed and built in Kelowna, B.C. as a joint-collaboration with The Templar Marine Group Ltd., Vector Powerboats and Gilbert Creative Group, the Templar 26’ is powered by the award-winning Torqeedo propulsion system and hosts an abundance of features not found on models of the same size in the runabout market. With its Torqeedo power, the Templar can achieve speeds between seven and nine knots depending on load and many benefits include zero emissions, easier onboard communication, low maintenance, and quiet operating levels. Plus, with no thru-hull fittings, decay and leaks are eliminated. More importantly – from an economical sense – operating costs and boat insurance are greatly reduced and with the optional onboard heater and clear enclosure, the Templar 26ʹ can be enjoyed in cooler temperatures or even all year. Tipping the scales at just 1,750 kg (3,860 lbs), an overall length of 8 m (26 ft.) and beam of 2.9 m (9 ft, 8 in.), the Templar 26ʹ can be easily trailered (with its custom trailer) by the lightest of SUVs no matter how far your destination. To appeal to the baby boomer market, designers included many available features such as a fully functional head with vanity/ cabinets, a 1500-watt inverter, an onboard fridge, surround sound stereo system, a small propane stove, microwave, and chart plotter. Add the double forward berth, plus the 4kw built- in generator, and a choice of two or four battery options and the Templar 26ʹ can comfortably be used for overnight trips. As the Templar 26ʹ is the first in a series of electric boats from Templar Marine Group, the company has not only attracted interest among recreational boaters, but the water taxi and boat charter industries as well. Production is scheduled to begin July 2018. For more information visit