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2018 SunCruiser Okanagan

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C SUMMERLAND 1. Some nice secluded beaching areas but beach with care. 2. Pebble day-beaches. 3. A nice secluded bay with sandy beaches — provides shelter from south winds. Beach with care. 4. Private beaches and docks located on both sides of the point. There is very shallow water for 150 metres offshore up to the S.Y.C. orange marker. 5. The public boat launch is hard to see but there is a beaching area in the north corner of the bay that provides shelter from north winds. Early morning hike up Giant's Head Mountain above the town of Summerland and Okanagan Lake. 20ϒ E. Variation N N 20ϒ E. Variation Use official Canadian Hydrographic Charts Continued on PAGE 20 CHART D 6. Private beaches and docks for 400 m south and north — no beaching. 7. Peach Orchard Park — A playground, sandy beach, washrooms, picnic tables, marked swimming areas and a cement boat launch. 8. The C.P.R. wharf was the hub of the first community in the area. There were no roads along the lake so the Canadian Pacific Steamboats carried the first pioneers who were to set foot in Summerland. Rotary Beach has picnic tables, sandy beaches, and washrooms. Destination BC/Grant Harder 9. Summerland Trout Hatchery – The hatchery breeds rainbow trout and eastern char to stock 300 lakes with over two million fish each year. They have videos on fish habitat, fly tying and angling for anyone interested in luring the big one! Come with the family and friends to this self-guided tour. The hatchery is open seven days a week. 10. Summerland Yacht Club (250-494-8312). Three visitor mooring slips, gas, a pumpout, bar, kitchen. Provides great accommodations for all boaters. The water depth is approximately two metres with a large breakwater and a light. The bay immediately to the south provides sufficient shelter from north winds. 11. Kin Park – A great beach and children’s playground is located here, but there is no beaching. The creek has a fish ladder to aid spawning fish. 12. Private beaches and docks. Be careful as the water is very shallow in this area. 13. Manitou Park – Beach with care for 400 m south. A beautiful bay with pebble beaches provides shelter from north winds. Watch for the pilings in the bay and the marked swimming area. 14. Naramata Yacht Club at naramatayachtcub@gmail. com. There is a park and beach on the east side — large breakwater with a light. Enter with care from the east end of the bay — shallow water. The boat launch is $5 per launch or a yearly membership with various privileges for $125. 15. Naramata Centre Park – Sandy beaches, water slide, benches, and a large dock. Swimming areas to the south and north. The Naramata II kid’s boat is in the park just across the street from Naramata Centre Park. Private beaches and docks are located to the south. Caution: very shallow water. 16. Private beaches and docks south to Naramata Creek and north to the pilings. No beaching. 17. Old wharf with a small boat launch on the east side of the pilings. 18. Beautiful bay providing shelter from south winds. Avoid private beaches and docks. There is a small beach on the east side. 19. Beautiful Bay that offers shelter from south winds. Avoid private beaches and beach only in emergencies. 20. Rocky shores — no beaching for 800 m south or north. 21. Nice sandy beach in the bay with extensive shelter from winds. There are beaching areas to the north for 800 m. 22. Small cove with some beaches to the north of the private beaches — beach with care. Shelter from north winds in the cove. 23. Small rock outcrop close to shore — stay clear. A “Cable” sign on shore may be used as a reference point. Some nice beaching areas are located in the area. 24. Some beaching areas — beach with care north of the private beaches and docks. 25. Paradise Ranch – Major Wilson once owned this land. This location is where they filmed My American Cousin. There are old pilings and a private beach with small pebble beaches to the north. 16 OKANAGAN SUNCRUISER

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