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2018 SunCruiser Okanagan

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I OKANAGAN CENTRE Continued on PAGE 34 CHART H N N 20ϒ E. Variation 20ϒ E. Variation Use official Canadian Hydrographic Charts RENTALS SALES • SERVICE 250-549-3613 A. Lake Okanagan Resort/Marina - Great food and fantastic views. Golf, tennis, horseback riding and hiking are available here. Fuel and boat rentals are available. 1. Owaissi Anglican Camp – Private camp. Look for a dock with a white cross on it. Shelter from southwest winds. 2. The small, flat-roofed building is the place of water intake for Lake Okanagan Resort. There is a small rock outcrop in front of the picnic table to the south and three mooring buoys. Ben’s Bay - In the shade of a birch tree the circle of friends is completed. Dive Site - There is a small boat and a small houseboat 30 metres off the marina dock. 3. Small, pebble beaching areas with six mooring buoys. 4. Girl Guide Camp Mewata – At the small point there is a swimming area - private beaches and docks. 5. Shelter Cove – Avoid private beaches and docks. The south end of the cove has shelter from south winds. 6. Sign on shore says “Cable.” There is a large, white, three story house just to the south of the cable sign. 7. Rock walls with one small beaching area. Note - there is room for only one boat at a time. Respect private property. 8. Caesar’s Landing – Named after Henry Northcote Caesar in 1893. If anchoring in the bay, please respect private property. Dive Site - A good wall dive and at 13 metres there is an old car. 9. Nahun – Named by Howard Bruce Kennard in 1905. At one time it was called “Golden Gate” because packers on the H.B.C. Brigade Trail would barricade it so that no horses could stray out to the rocky formation. Please respect private property. 10. This marks the deepest waters for all of the Okanagan Lake: 228 meters (748 feet). 11. Private beaches and docks - no beaching. 12. Pixie Beach – Some beaching but watch for marked swimming areas. 13. Private beaches and dock - beach with care on the south side of the bay. 14. Nice beaching areas to the north but be careful in this area. Respect private beaches and docks - shelter from south winds. 15. Old pilings here and watch for swimming areas. Sign on shore says “Cable.” 16. Okanagan Centre – There is a General Store within walking distance. Okanagan Centre was purchased by the Maddock Brothers in 1907. They laid out the township in 1909, and soon after, schooling commenced in the church. The Lake Country Museum now occupies the old school house on Beach Rd. Centrepiece is held at the end of August each year and is a highlight of the museum. 17. Okanagan Centre Breakwater – Small craft harbour with a boat launch to the south. Some beaching areas to the south and north. Good shelter from north and south winds is found in the breakwater. There are nice pebble beaches north, up to the old wharf. 18. Nice pebble beaches - beach with care and respect private properties. 19. Pebble beaches to the north and south of point. Some private beaches and docks - respect the private docks. 20. A large, solid, cement building that stands 10 metres tall (a noteworthy reference/fix point). 21. A nice bay - look for the large, white eagle on a house (by the Canadian flag) to the south. Shelter from north winds. 36 OKANAGAN SUNCRUISER

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