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ART & MUSEUMS Still on society Press photography paints the portait April offers many art treats to visitors as Budapest Art Week is added to the city’s regular offer. The Press Photography Exhibition at Capa Center stands out as it provides an accessible overview of Hungarian society, all the more timely due to general elections. A roll call of press photographers where entries are selected by an expert jury, choosing the best in 14 categories. The public can view the photographs after the awards are handed out March 29. Fittingly, the exhibition is hosted by Budapest’s major photo museum, named after Hungarian-born Robert Capa, a haven for world class photography. 11am-7pm, Capa Center – Listing on this page, ART MUSEUMS APPLIED ARTS MUSEUM - Closed for renovation. Historic design exhibitions inside one of Budapest’s Art Nouveau architectural gems, notable for its colorfully tiled roof. Open Tue- Sun. Pest IX, Üllői út 33-37. T: (+36 1) 456 5110, Map A7 CAPA CENTER Honoring the Hungarian-born maverick photographer Robert Capa, this center for photography offers illuminating displays. Pest VI, Nagymező u. 8. T: (+36 1) 413 1310, Open Mon-Sun, Map D6 EAST ASIAN ART MUSEUM FERENC HOPP Fascinating artifacts from throughout the Orient displayed in a grand mansion. Open Wed-Sun. Pest VI, Andrássy út 103. Map F7 LUDWIG MUSEUM A permanent collection and temporary exhibitions of contemporary works by Hungarian and international artists (with an emphasis on Central-European and Russian artsts), located at the Palace of Arts. Open Tue- Sun untill 8pm. Pest IX, Komor Marcell u. 1. T: (+36 1) 555 3444, Off Map MAI MANÓ The Hungarian House of Photography, showing the best contemporary local and international snapshots. Open Mon-Fri 2pm- 7pm and Sat-Sun 11am-7pm. Pest VI, Nagymező u. 20. T: (+36 1) 473 2669, Map D6 MŰCSARNOK (KUNSTHALLE) Rotating contemporary exhibitions of modern art and design in an ornate building. Open Tue-Sun, closed on Mon and Thurs morning. Pest XIV, Heroes’ Square. T: (+36 1) 460 7000, Map F8 NATIONAL GALLERY Various permanent exhibitions of Hungarian fine art since the country’s foundation, especially paintings from the 18th, 19th and 20th century. They also organize many illuminating temporary exhibitions. Open Tue-Sun. Buda I, Royal Palace, Szent György tér 2. T: (+36 1) 201 9082, Map C3-4 SPECIALTY MUSEUMS AQUINCUM MUSEUM Ancient ruins from the 2,000-year-old capital of a Roman province. Outdoor stone remains and a museum with restored mosaics and wall paintings. Open Tue-Sun. Buda III, Szentendrei út 135. T: (+36 1) 250 1650, Off Map ARANY SAS PHARMACY MUSEUM Buda’ s oldest pharmacy, the “Golden Eagle,” is recreated in the Castle District. Open Tue-Sun. Buda I, Tárnok u. 18. T: (+36 1) 375-9772, Map D3 ARMY HEADQUARTER After seven decades, and many unrealized renovation plans, this former army headquarter is open to the public again, hosting various exhibits and cultural events. Buda I, Dísz tér 17. Map C-D3 BÉLA BARTÓK MEMORIAL HOUSE The house where the composer lived before he emigrated from Hungary to the US, is now a museum, with original furniture and Bartók’s folk-art collection, photos, and letters. Open Tue-Sat. Buda II, Csalán út 29. T: (+36 1) 394 2100, www. Off Map CASTLE MUSEUM Permanent exhibition about the history of Budapest in the fascinating setting of endless cellars and several floors of the current palace and its predecessors. Open Tue-Sun. Buda I, Royal Palace (Wing E). T: (+36 1) 487 8800, Map C3 ETHNOGRAPHY MUSEUM Exhibitions on Hungarian lifestyles through history, including clothes and handicrafts, in a beautifull neo- Renaissance palace that was once the building of the highest court. Open Tue-Sun. Pest V, Kossuth Lajos tér 12. T: (+36 1) 473 2400, www. Map E4 HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL CENTER Permanent exhibition on the Hungarian Holocaust and the way that lead there. Timely and insightful temporary exhibits on social issues. Pest IX, Páva u. 39. Open Tue-Sun. T: (+36 1) 455 3333, Map A7 HOSPITAL IN THE ROCK A WWII-era medical facility, later a secret nuclear bunker, found in the tunnels and caves beneath Castle Hill. A fascinating one-hour tour, with a short documentairy film as introduction and stories about Hungary’s 20th century history. Open Mon-Sun. Buda I, Lovas u. 4/C. T: (+36 70) 701 0101, Map D3 HOUSE OF TERROR MUSEUM Infamous as the headquarters for fascists in the 1940s and then the communist secret service, this building is now a memorial museum. Open Tue-Sun. Pest VI, Andrássy út 60. T: (+36 1) 374 2600, www. Map E6 KASSÁK MUSEUM Lajos Kassákwas among the first genuine working class writers in the beginning of the 20th century. Among others, the museum shows graphics, prints, periodicals, drawings, etc. connected to his work. Buda III, Fő tér 1. www.kassakmuzeum. hu Off Map KISCELLI MUSEUM Paintings, sculptures, drawings, coins, and medals in a regal estate. Open Tue-Fri. Buda III, Kiscelli u. 108. T: (+36 1) 250 0304 Off Map LISZT FERENC MUSEUM The house where the composer used to live (1881-1886) when in Budapest is a small museum with original furniture, musical instruments, memorabilia, transcripts etc. There is also a small concert hall, part of the original Academy of Music, of which he was, of couse, the founder. Buda VI, Vörösmarty u. 35, T: (+36 1) 413 0440 www. Map E7 MIKSA RÓTH MEMORIAL HOUSE The former home of this Hungarian stained-glass master, with some of his furniture and his works. The exhibition is mainly in Hungarian, though. Pest VII, Nefelejcs u. 26. T: (+36 1) 341 6789 www. Map D8 PHOTO: ÁDÁM URBÁN 14 WHERE BUDAPEST I APRIL 2018

ART & MUSEUMS NATIONAL MUSEUM The history of Hungary, from the nation’s foundation to today (mostly Hungarian). A one-hour English tour on Thursdays at 11am, registration required. Open Tue- Sun. Pest VIII, Múzeum krt. 14-16. T: (+36 1) 338 2122, Map B6 NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM An educational complex that features an aquarium, a whale skeleton, fossils, and stuffed animals (mostly Hungarian only). Open Wed-Sun. Pest VIII, Ludovika tér 2-6. T: (+36 1) 210 1085, www. Off Map RAILWAY MUSEUM An open-air museum on a former rail yard with an amazing collection of vintage engines and other objects. Visitors can also ride several models of rail vehicles. Easily reachable from Nyugati and Keleti Stations. Open Apr-Nov (Mon closed). Pest XIV, Tatai út 95. T: (+36 1) 450 1497, www.vasuttortenetipark. hu/en Off Map SEMMELWEIS MUSEUM The history of Western medicine, with special emphasis on Hungary and the work of Ignác Semmelweis, the Hungarian doctor who taught his colleagues to wash their hands. Open Tue-Sun, Buda I, Apród utca 1-3. T: (+ 36 1) 375 3533, www.semmelweis., Map C4 STATUE PARK Huge statues of Marx, Lenin, and other communist-era figures. Open daily 10am-dusk. Direct buses leave Deák tér daily from 11am. Buda XXII, Balatoni út/Szabadkai u. T: (+36 1) 424 7500, Off Map VARGA IMRE COLLECTION Original statues as well as some copies by the most successful and internationally renowned contemporary Hungarian sculptor. Buda III, Laktanya utca 7, (Óbuda), Off Map VÁRKERT BAZAAR At the foot of Buda Castle, these neo-Renaissance palaces house several permanent and temporary exhibitions, including the Hungaricon (objects from or by famous Hungarian personalities), and a wooden model of Buda. In the gardens are two festival grounds. Buda I, Miklós Ybl tér. T: (+36 1) 225 0310, Map C4 VASARLY MUSEUM Hidden away in Old Buda (Óbuda), this museum is dedicated to one of the major Hungarian avant-garde artists from the 20th century. Victor Vasarély was born in Hungary, lived and worked most of his life in Paris, and is considered the grandfather of the op-art movement of the 1950s. Buda III, Szentlélek tér 6, Off Map ART GALLERIES ACB GALLERY Leading contemporary Hungarian artworks. Open Tue-Fri 2pm-6pm. Pest VI, Király u. 76. T: (+36 1) 413 7608, www.acbgaleria. hu Map D6 CHIMERA PROJECT This art incubator is showcasing curated, thematic exhibitions about relevant artistic and social topics. Open Tue-Fri 3pm-6pm or upon appointment. Pest VII, Klauzál tér 5. Map C6 DEÁK ERIKA GALÉRIA Cutting-edge showcase of young Magyar artists, many in new media. Open Wed-Fri noon-6pm and Sat 11am-4pm. Pest VI, Mozsár u. 1. T: (+36 1) 201 3740, www. Map D6 ERNST GALLERY Showcasing venerable Hungarian and international fine arts, antiques, paintings, film posters, and more in two locations. Its aim is to introduce Hungarian painters to the international context, namely to private and public collections in Hungary and abroad. Pest V, Irányi u. 27. T: (+36 1) 266 4016 Map B5 INDA Since 2006, the Inda Gallery has dealt with the works of contemporary artists as a for-profit gallery. The gallery unites the expectations of the trade of art and the aesthetic quality. The exhibition room, located in the dynamically developing new quarter of the downtown pedestrian zone in Király Street. T: (+36 1) 413 1960. Pest VI, Király u. 34. www.indagaleria. hu Map D6 KARTON A sleek and modern viewing space hosting regular art exhibitions in varied mediums. Open Mon-Fri 1pm-6pm. Pest V, Alkotmány u. 18. T: (+36 1) 427 0000, www. Map E5 KIESELBACH GALLERY Viewings and auctions of high-quality classical Hungarian and international paintings. Open Mon-Sun 10am-6pm. Pest V, Szt. István krt. 5. T: (+36 1) 269 3148, www. Map F5 KNOLL GALÉRIA BUDAPEST As one of Pest’s first private galleries after the fall of the Soviet Bloc, this pioneering institution participated in developing the independent art scene and cultivating fresh Hungarian and foreign talent. Open Tue-Sat. Pest VI, Liszt Ferenc tér 10. T: (+36 1) 267 3842, Map D6 KOGART HOUSE The museum gives home to the Gábor Kovács Art Collection, covering Hungarian art ranging from the beginning of the 18th until the mid-20th century. Located in a beautiful villa close to Heroes’ Square. Open Mon-Fri. Pest VI, Andrássy út 112. T: (+36 1) 354 3820, Map F7 KOLLER GALLERY Elegantly situated in Budapest’s Castle District, specializing in contemporary etchings and graphics. Open daily 10am- 6pm. Buda I, Táncsics Mihály u. 5. T: (+36 1) 356 9208, Map D3 LUMAS BUDAPEST A new sunlit viewing space for intriguing photography that aims to ease the process of becoming an art collector. Pest V, Október 6. u. 21. T: (+36 1) 301 0833, www. Map D5 VÁRFOK GALLERY One of Buda’s few contemporary gallerie, showing works by renowned and up-and-coming Hungarian artists. Open Tue-Sat 11am-6pm. Buda I, Várfok u. 11. T: (+36 1) 213 5155, Map E2 VILTIN Hungarian paintings, sculptures and photographies are displayed in this contemporary gallery. Open Tue-Sat. Pest VI, Vasvári Pál u. 1. T: (+36 1) 787 5866, Map D6 HUNGARIAN NATIONAL GALLERY | Budapest, Buda Palace | Pál Szinyei Merse: Balloon, 1878 © Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest 15

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