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WELCOME | Editor’s

WELCOME | Editor’s Letter Spring Fever April sees spring in full swing, with the cultural offer of the city in bloom along with the cherry trees, as Budapest Spring Festival and Budapest Art Week provide plenty of programs (see p.4-5). See our seasonal tips to get fresh market produce and outdoor exercise (see p.10 and p.18). Take advantage of the city’s location and enjoy long walks in the Buda hills or opt for indoor entertainment in one of Budapest’s excellent music venues (see our Feature on p.8). Make the most of whimsical April days interspersed with bursts of spring beauty in Budapest’s gorgeous spots, atmospheric bathhouses or bustling downtown joints. As a side note, ripples of election fever can be expected to run through the city as April the 8th sees General Elections. THE WHERE STAFF Where Budapest YOUR TRAVELING COMPANION SINCE 1936® where® MAGAZINE BUDAPEST AFFILIATE PUBLISHER Emese Juhász CREATIVE EDITOR IN CHIEF Vera Szabadkai ART DIRECTOR Balázs Milléte DEPUTY EDITOR Nóra Somogyi ADVERTISING SALES & OFFICE MANAGER Viktória Novák GG | MVP CHAIRMAN William S. Morris III PRESIDENT & CEO William S. Morris IV EXECUTIVE PRESIDENT Donna W. Kessler VICE PRESIDENT Angela E. Allen MANAGING DIRECTOR EUROPE Chris Manning CREATIVE CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER Haines Wilkerson DESIGN DIRECTOR Jane Frey CREATIVE COORDINATOR Beverly Mandelblatt CHIEF TRAVEL EDITOR Geoff Kohl WHERE BUDAPEST Baross utca 92., 1082 Budapest Phone/Fax: (+36 1) 781 9483 E-mail: ISSN 1217-5714 Where® Magazine is available at: Hotel rooms (5-4-3 star), embassies, office buildings, Tourinform offices, tourist and business centers, airports. Plan ahead for your next visit to Budapest – subscribe to Where®: 12 issues 4,800 Ft for Hungary only; overseas subcriptions $50. Where® is published by Gastro Guide Kft., Budapest. Printed by Kvadrát Print, Where® Magazine and the where ® logo are registered trademarks of Morris Visitor Publications. Where® Magazine makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information it publishes, but cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from errors or omissions. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part strictly prohibited. In the interest of environmental preservation, every reader of Where Budapest is encouraged to share, reuse, and recycle each copy of our magazine. MAGYAR SZÁLLODAPORTÁSOK „ARANYKULCS” EGYESÜLETE MEMBERS OF THE U.I.C.H. LES CLEFS D‘OR ORGANISATION 2 WHERE LONDON BUDAPEST I JANUARY I APRIL 2018 2013

HOT DATES | APRIL SUNDAY - MONDAY 1&2 WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY 4-13 TITANIC FILM FESTIVAL ▲ A festival dedicated to films strictly outside mainstream, Titanic has been the point of access for many international, award-winning pieces to Budapest audiences since 1993. You are safe to rely on the selection, be it a music documentary on Native Americans in the industry Rumble, the story of a boozy samurai Samurai Rauni, or headliner Loving, a tale of interracial love. With sections such as Asian Winds or Dark Side, Titanic offers eyeopening screenings. All films are shown in their original languages, with English and Hungarian subtitles. PHOTO: CENTER RIGHT — ANDREJ USPENSK EASTER ▲ The month begins with the Christian holiday of Easter and related pagan rites of fertility, still alive and kicking in Hungary. According to custom, boys visit girls on Easter Monday, sprinkle them with eau de toilette – a toned-down and safer version than the traditional drenching with icecold water – which the girls reward with decorated eggs. If you want to see the art of egg-decoration, head to PONT Festival on Sunday, and if you wish to participate in the religious aspect, go to one of the city’s many churches., St. Stephen’s Basilica Map D5 TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY 17&18 WAYNE MCGREGOR ↔ SATURDAY & SUNDAY 7-8 SAKURA → Visit the inner city botanical garden Füvészkert to appreciate the blossoming cherry trees. Immortalized as the battle ground of two gangs in youth novel The Paul Street Boys, Füvészkert is not only legendary, but a rightful gem in dense district VIII. Enjoy the park on both days and bring picnic accessories. Füvészkert Botanical Gardens, Pest VIII, Illés utca 25, Map A9 A slick, fast-paced and thoughtprovoking piece, tapping McGregor's own genome to create the coreography. He commissioned leading experts to map out his DNA, and transformed the results into 23 episodes. 17,18 April 8 pm., 8pm, Trafó - Listing p.12, FRIDAY - SATURDAY 23-24 HEAR – VOICE CHOREOGRAPHY → Exceptional piece by a Flemish choreographer, a French composer and Hungarian choir Soharóza. You sit through blindfolded a piece of coreographed sound. Close your eyes, open your ears, and enjoy the journey. 23 & 24 April, 7 & 9pm both days, Három Holló - Pest V, Piarista köz 1, Map B5 3

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