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NIGHTLIFE co balls on the spacious dance floor. Pest VII, Erzsébet krt. 43-49. T: (+36 30) 948 6448, www. Map D7 TEREM Located near Erzsébet bridge, this event venue gives place to gala diners and well-known party-series, among others. Check their page for current events. Pest V, Piarista kóz 2, Map C5 Where to.. Drink Here is our mini-guide to the best pubs in town. For a more casual night spent drinking and chatting with friends, head towards Király street or Kazinczy street in the Jewish quarter. They are home to traditional ruin pubs, and a number of cozy, trendy or tucked-away spots, including one of the earliest ruin pubs, Szimpla (pictured). Nearby you find local’s favorite Bobek, old school bar Mika Tivadar, and the many wine bars and eateries in Gozsdu Courtyard. THE BAR BUDAPEST Located close to Deák square, this trendy bar offers a wide variety of alcoholic drinks – from champagne to ciders and gins. Pest VI, Anker köz 1-3. T: (+36 30) 297 4805, Map D4 CONCERT VENUES A38 SHIP One of Budapest’s most buoyant venues for music performances, located on a former stone-carrying barge. Buda XI, moored near Petőfi Bridge. T: (+36 1) 464 3940, Off Map AKVÁRIUM This popular venue found beneath a man-made lake in the heart of downtown Pest presents regular concerts by Hungarian and international acts. Pest V, Erzsébet tér. T: (+36 30) 860 3368, Map C5 BACKSTAGE PUB A fun nightspot with regular live gigs by up-and-coming local and international acts, along with a well-stocked bar featuring many Hungarian spirits. Open Thu-Sat 7pm-2am. Pest VI, Városligeti fasor 44. T: (+36 20) 294 1350, Map E8 BARBA NEGRA MUSIC CLUB Drink grog with the buccaneers at this pirate-themed club, featuring regular live concerts by local and international artists. Buda XI, Prielle Kornélia u. 4. T: (+36 20) 563 2254, Off Map BUDAPEST JAZZ CLUB Groovin’ sessions by classical jazz cats and modern performers. Pest XIII, Hollán Ernő u. 7. T: (+36 70) 413 9837, www. Map F5 COLUMBUS JAZZ PUB This grooving riverboat club features cool musicians, delicious dining and incredible Budapest views. Open noon-midnight. Pest V, Vigadó tér 4 (docked on the Pest riverbank). T: (+36 1) 266 9013, Map C5 DÜRER KERT A popular hotspot for underground concerts of both regional and global musicians. Pest XIV, Ajtósi Dürer sor 19-21. T: (+36 1) 789 4444, Map E9 FONÓ True Hungarian entertainment including many Gypsy-music acts is offered at this offbeat locale. Open Mon-Fri noon-midnight and Sat 6pm-midnight. Buda XI, Sztregova u. 3. T: (+36 1) 206 5300, Off Map GÖDÖR KLUB This lively hotspot near Deák Square offers contemporary performances, exhibits, and live gigs by up-and-coming local and international bands. Pest VI, Király u. 8-10. T: (+36 20) 201 3868, www.godorklub. hu Map C5 OPUS JAZZ CLUB Enjoy smooth jazz melodies and tasty delicacies at this downtown hotspot for regular live gigs. Open Mon 11am-9pm, Tue-Fri 11am-midnight, Sat 6pm-midnight. Pest IX, Mátyás u. 8. T: (+36 1) 455 8077, www. Map A6 ORFEUM This underground cabaret serves up tasty cocktails and classy entertainment, from swing and jazz shows to Frank Sinatra tributes. Sink into a soft armchair or boogie under dis- NIGHTCLUBS 4BRO DOWNTOWN Located right at the entrance of Gozsdu Udvar, this trendy nightclub offers dance parties, cultural events, gourmet street food, and a wide variety of drinks. Open Mon-Wed, Sun 5pm-2am, Thur 5pm-4am, Fri-Sar 5pm-5am. Pest VII, Király u.13. T: (+36 70) 953 5617, Map C6 AETHER Located in the basement of 4BRO Downtown, this club is offering regular parties for electronic music fans. Pest VII, Király u.13. T: (+36 20) 982 2146, Map C6 ANKERT This hip hangout offers regular parties with popular DJs in a trendy “ruin pub” setting. Pest VI, Paulay Ede u. 33. T: (+36 30) 360 3389, Map D6 BARRIO LATINO CAFÉ This friendly club awaits salsa, Kizomba and mambo lovers with regular parties, sizzling tunes, along with an active dance community. Open Mon-Tue 8pm-1am, Wed 7pm-2am, Thu 8pm-2am, Fri 8pm-4am, Sat 7pm-4am. Pest VI, Ó u. 33. Map D6 BRKLYN Trendy nighttime hotspot with food and drinks, along with regular parties. Open Wed 5pm-midnight, Thu-Sat 5pm-5am. Pest VII, Kazinczy u. 48. Map C6 CORVIN CLUB Once this was the attic for a communist-era department store; today it’s a sprawling nightclub with a huge rooftop terrace during summer months, when films are also screened daily on the rooftop. Open Wed-Sat 9pm-6am. Pest VIII, Blaha Lujza tér 1-2 (entrance on Somogyi Béla utca). T: (+36 30) 751 5200, Map C7 DOBOZ This stylish downtown hotspot with unique design – like the King Kong statue located on a tree in the courtyard – offers regular parties and live gigs by up-and-coming bands. Pest VII, Klauzál u. 10. T: (+36 20) 449 4801, Map C7 EL PATIO Original Argentinean “parilla” grilled steaks and fresh fish in the beautiful and famous garden of Fészek Club in the heart of downtown. Live music and dance show every night. Open Sun-Thu 11am-1am, Fri-Sat 11am- 3am. Pest VII, Dob u. 57. T: (+36 20) 388 2738, Map D6 FÉSZEK ARTISTS’ CLUB Located underneath a club once frequented by Hungary’s greatest artists and actors, this cellar hotspot is a hidden den of intriguing night owls. Pest VII, Kertész u. 36. (at corner of Dob utca). T: (+36 1) 342 6549, Map D6 INSTANT Two popular nightclubs - Instant and Fogas Ház - merged, and the result is a huge multifunctional artsy hangout offering regular parties and concerts. Pest VII, Akácfa u. 49-51. 4A WHERE BUDAPEST I APRIL 2018

NIGHTLIFE T: (+36 20) 638 5040,, www. fogashá Map D6 LÄRM Techno club with top notch sound and jet-black, minimal decoration. The lineup showcases the freshest tunes from Europe and beyond. Open Sun–Wed 10pm-4am, Thu 10pm-5am, Fri-Sat 11pm-6am. Pest VII, Akácfa u. 51. Map D6 LIGET CLUB This is the third location of the popular Morrison’s clubs. A trendy hotspot with 5 dance floors and 5 different styles of music. Huge open-air terrace. Open Fri-Sat 9pm-5am. Pest X, Népligeti út 2. www.ligetclub. hu Off Map MIKA TIVADAR MULATÓ Located in the Jewish Quarter, this historic house has now morphed into an artsy hangout. Regular concerts, parties, and a stylish bar await visitors. Open Mon-Wed 4pm-midnight, Thu 4pm-2am, Fri- Sat 4pm-5am. Pest VII, Kazinczy u. 47. T: (+36 20) 965 3007, Map MORRISON’S 2 The sequel to Morrison’s Opera is a labyrinthine club with several rooms divided according to the fun within, including karaoke and live concerts. Open daily 5pm-4am. Pest V, Szt. István krt. 11. T: (+36 1) 374 3329, www. Map F5 MORRISON’S OPERA A wide variety of music parties and karaoke events, along with drink specials daily until 9pm. Live concerts. Open Mon-Sat 7pm-4am. Pest VI, Révay u. 25 (near the Opera House). T: (+36 1) 269 4060, www. Map D6 ÖTKERT Classy with playful touches like Playmobil wallpaper and other funky art, this hotspot in a once-abandoned apartment building is flooded each weekend night with locals who are ready to dance. Open-air in the summer. Also has a popular restaurant. Open Mon-Wed, Sun 11am-11pm, Thu-Sat 11am-5am. Pest V, Zrínyi u. 4. T: (+36 70) 330 8652, Map D4 PEACHES ‘N’ CREAM Party with a young crowd at this trendy two-floor R&B club, where the latest hits can be enjoyed amidst an upscale interior. Open Wed-Sat 10pm-5am. Pest VI, Nagymező u. 46-48. T: (+36 70) 381 8380, www. Map E5 PIAF CLUB A surreal club dedicated to the legendary French siren. Dancing downstairs goes on until after dawn. Pest VI, Nagymező u. 25. T: (+36 1) 312 3823, Map D6 PÓTKULCS This hidden hangout is a locals’ favorite for its bohemian ambience and cool shows. Open daily 5pm-2am. Pest VI, Csengery u. 65/B. T: (+36 1) 269 1050, Map E6 SYMBOL This ultra-trendy club in Óbuda offers several different atmospheres, each more chic than the last, including a garden, a sport pub, an Italian fusion restaurant, and a basement dance hall. Regular concerts and exclusive parties. Buda III, Bécsi út 56. T: (+36 1) 333 5656, Off Map SZILVUPLÉ VARIETÉ With its brick walls, French-style graphics, and cozy decor, this underground party place offers regular salsa nights, but also all kinds of live concerts and performances by up-and-coming local bands. Open Mon-Thu 7pm-1am, Fri-Sat 8pm-3am. Pest VI, Ó u. 33. T: (+36 20) 992 5115, www. Map D6 SZIMPLA KERT One of the first ever ruin pubs in the capital. A bohemian headquarters set in a once-abandoned building, this is now Budapest’s most popular spot to hang out and meet hipsters from around the world. Open Mon-Sat noon-4am, Sun 9am-5am. Pest VII, Kazinczy u. 14. T: (+36 1) 321 3374, Map C6 TESLA Tesla is a trendy party place for electronic music enthusiasts. This former transformer building turned into a hyper modern club offers many party-goer pleasing and neighbor friendly novelties. The club is enabled with moveable bars stocked with a great variety of beverages, exclusive sound and light technology, along with quality electronica, house, R’n’b and techno music. Open Pest VII, Kazinczy u. 21/c. www. Map C6 YELLOW BUDAPEST New downtown club with regular unplugged concerts, new faces from the electro music scene, and a wide variety of cocktails and bar snacks. Open Thu-Sat 9pm- 5am. Pest V, Széchenyi István tér 7-8. www. Map D4 OPEN AIR 360 BAR The highest rooftop bar in the city offers breathtaking views all over Budapest. Enjoy the high life with a great selection of wines, lemonades, snacks, and chill music. Open Mon- Wed 2pm-midnight, Thu-Sat 2pm-2am and Sun noon-midnight. Pest VI, Andrássy út 39. T: (+ 36 70) 259 5153, Map D6 BARBA NEGRA TRACK A sprawling open-air summertime club hosting big-name musicians and huge dance parties. Buda XI, Neumann János u. 2. Off Map BUDAPEST PARK Party in the park at this five-month-long festival, where live gigs of Hungarian and international artists await music enthusiasts. Open Mon-Sat 5pm-5am. Pest IX, Soroksári út 60. T: (+36 70) 702 2919, www. Off Map FRÖCCSTERASZ Feel the good libations that flow at this colorfully lit open-air hangout in the middle of downtown’s most central square. This popular bar is always packed wih people. Fröccsterasz Télikert is open in the winter as well. Pest V, Erzsébet tér. www. Map C5 HIGH NOTE SKY BAR A well-stocked bar and smooth music along with great views to the Bazilika. The Aria Hotel’s rooftop is open to the public, and also offers regular morning yoga classes. Pest V, Hercegprímás u. 5. www. Map D5 KOBUCI KERT This welcoming club in the courtyard of Zichy Castle carries on the festival spirit all summer long with regular live gigs. Buda III, Fő tér 1. T: (+36 70) 205 7282, Off Map ADVERTISE IN WHERE BUDAPEST MAGAZINE – HUNGARY'S MOST DIRECT LINK TO THE WORLD! Call (+36 1) 781 9483 or view for more information. 5A

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