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MOPA 2018 Dr. Korte's involvement in MOPA

MOPA 2018 Dr. Korte's involvement in

MISSOURI PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION 1051 S. Fremont Avenue Springfield, Missouri, 65804 P 417-227-0960 To whom it may concern: This letter is to confirm Dr. Paul Korte’s leadership in the Missouri Psychological (MOPA), including a term as association president in 2016-2017. Dr. Korte has been a MOPA board member since 2014. He chaired MOPA’s first successful Integrated Care Committee, led efforts to increase association communications and publications including the revitalizing of our newsletter as editor, and obtained substantial grant money to support the Association. Throughout his service, he has been one of Missouri’s leading advocates in promoting the importance of professional psychology to Missouri citizens. He recently took on the role of Federal Advocacy Coordinator, a role which entails advocacy and education on behalf of MOPA to our federally elected officials and other policy makers. He has testified on behalf of the Association and professional psychology on numerous occasions. Most notable were his ceaseless efforts for psychologists to successfully gain in 2016 access to the Health & Behavior CPT reimbursement codes in Missouri, as well as his efforts to promote an interjurisdictional compact for psychologists to improve access to care and telehealth that has been passed both by our House and our Senate. He has served as a liaison to the state psychology licensing board, multiple physician and other healthcare associations, and state legislators. He has been MOPA’s voice to policy makers and the public regarding psychology’s role in suicide prevention and in addressing the opioid epidemic. Dr. Korte’s presidential year was focused on interdisciplinary collaboration. During his tenure as president, MOPA reached out to 15 other professional groups, many of which Dr. Korte visited himself. In addition, he wrote numerous letters to newspaper editors regarding psychology’s role in mental health and healthcare as a whole. All of these efforts were done as a means of advocating for the field and profession and provided better public education within the State of Missouri. A highlight of his presidential year was his oversight of changes to Missouri’s psychology licensing law. In accordance with the American Psychological Association’s Model Licensing Act, Missouri became the 17 th state to restructure how licensing applicants can count their supervised clinical experiences which helps early career professionals become licensed sooner and enter the job market more quickly. In March 2018, MOPA received an inaugural award from the American Psychological Association for this work. Because of his leadership in MOPA, Dr. Korte has been invited to speak to both psychologists and nonpsychologists alike. Most recently, the American Psychological Association invited Dr. Korte to present at the 2018 Practice Leadership Conference, a meeting of national and all 50 state association leaders. Overall, Dr. Korte has an ongoing track record of being a leader in professional psychology and in helping other psychologists develop their own leadership skills. Shaping the Landscape of Missouri Psychology

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