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Page 2 Obtain your BC

Page 2 Obtain your BC Adult Graduation Diploma (BC AGD) Are you planning to enter the ABT Administrative Assistant program with one of the following? Mature student status ABE/CCP Advanced Certificate GED Certificate If so, after completing the ABT program, you’ll be eligible to receive an exit certificate. This is equivalent to a BC Adult Graduation Diploma (formerly known as an Adult Dogwood). Requirements Successful Completion of Grade 12 (with a minimum of Communications 12 and any grade 11 math or equivalent). Completion of a keyboarding proficiency assessment with a minimum speed of 20 net words per minute, or permission from the department.

C o l l e g e o f N e w C a l e d o n i a Page 3 Fees The estimated cost for this program is $4,505. Semester 1: $2,689 Semester 2: $1,816 These costs are an estimate. Student fees vary by campus. ABT - Administrative Assistant Certificate Credential: Certificate Type: Full-time Locations: Burns Lake, Mackenzie, Prince George, Vanderhoof, and Quesnel (on a rotating basis) Fees: $4,505 These fees are an estimate.

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