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What inspired you to

What inspired you to produce The Samuel Project? Is there anything which specifically drew you to the project? A producer named Steve Weinberger, came to me with this project. He already had access to financing, but as this was a relatively new venture for him, I agreed to come on board as a producer/ executive producer in order to help him through the financing, production, and distribution of the movie. He had already managed to assemble an impressive cast, which gave the project more credibility. What do you think contributed to the films financial success? Above anything else, it was a good movie. Outside of that, there were two recognizable actors involved. This is not necessary, but it definitely helps.

CASTING/ INTERNSHIP OPPURTUNITY DEVERETT MEDIA GROUP WILL BE PRODUCING A FEATURE FILM IN JUNE IN SAN MARCOS. They are seeking some film students to be interns on the crew and to act as background extras. If you are interested, please contact: