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Cummins Magazine - 2014 Summer Vol 79

People of HCEC Interview

People of HCEC Interview Hyundai Cummins Engine Company Opening Ceremony

markets in which they are used and supply them faster to our customers. The new HCEC plant now joins the Cummins global community of engine manufacturing plants, with the same level of world-class quality production and a real passion from our employees to achieve excellence in everything they do. The engines built at HCEC are specially configured for powering HHI equipment and will provide the highest levels of reliability and performance. The success of our engines will serve to further strengthen the close relationship between Cummins and HHI. I am really enjoying my time in Korea, both from a business and a family perspective. I have 2 daughters, one is 6 years old and the other is 8 years old. They are attending an International School in Daegu and have adapted really well to the Korean life-style, helped by the many new friends they have made. I am delighted that they are learning to speak Korean and are also studying Chinese as an additional language skill. I enjoy spending time with them after my own lessons in Korean to help improve our language skills. I am very grateful that the establishment of the HCEC joint venture has allowed my family and I to share such a great experience living here in Korea. 10 +11 Developing a close partnership between Cummins and Hyundai Cummins has been very successful in establishing joint venture partnerships around the world so that we can build engines more locally adapted to the