7 months ago

Cummins Magazine - 2014 Summer Vol 79


Interview Dave Crompton Q1. In the ceremony speech, you stressed the passion and effort of the HCEC employees. What impressed you? A1. Production start-up at the new HCEC facility took place just 19 months after the initial ground-breaking on site, representing a remarkably short completion time to establish a world-class engine manufacturing operation. This represents a tremendous performance and was only made possible by the dedication, hard work and passion of the HCEC employees. As equal partners, Cummins and Hyundai have come together to bring their own strengths and areas of expertise to establish this exciting new business venture in Daegu Technopolis. I was honored to be at the ceremony to share the recognition of this important event. Q2. You said that HCEC will provide worldclass products? A2. By starting with a clean-sheet design approach, the HCEC facility incorporates stateof-the-art technology throughout the engine manufacturing and testing process. As a result, engines from this factory are built to worldclass standard and will play an important role in helping HHI to achieve further success in the global market. Q3. Korea from the joint venture? A3. The MidRange engines manufactured by HCEC will provide optimized integration and enhanced performance for HHI earth moving and industrial equipment. The HCEC-built engines come with a well-proven pedigree, as hey are derived from Cummins base engine platforms. Millions of these Cummins engines are operating throughout the world, earning an enviable reputation for in-service reliability and durability working in the toughest applications and the most severe duty cycles. Hugh Foden Q1. What does the new joint venture mean for Cummins? A1. The successful business relationship between Hyundai and Cummins extends back more than twenty years and I am very pleased that we have made the partnership even stronger with the establishment of the HCEC joint venture. With HCEC, we now have a major engine time, and we are proud to be building engines together with HHI in one of the world’s leading industrial nations. Q2. What factors will drive the success of the new joint venture? A2. I am certain that ‘Built at HCEC Daegu’ on the engine data plate will become a mark of quality and performance recognized worldwide in the forthcoming years. We have an all-new facility at the right location, with the right business strategy and most importantly, the right people working at HCEC to drive the new joint venture ahead. With these very strong will ensure the success of HCEC. Q3. What message do you have for HCEC employees? A3. The guiding words for the joint venture to “Look Further, Think Future,” are proudly positioned above the main entrance to the new facility. HCEC has brought those meaningful words to life with the start of engine production. By staying true to those guiding words as we look ahead, the HCEC employees will ensure success.