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2018 KEY PRIORITIES Convention Sales & Services • 36 Month (Short-Term) Focus öö5% Growth in Room Nights Booked (January 2018 – December 2020) • 2019 Priority Year ööProduce Additional 200,000 Room Nights in 2019 • Continue New Client/Customer Focus ööIn 2017, 36% of Meetings Hosted First Time in Chicago or First Time in 10 Years • Increase Lead Volume by 15% öö5,538 Leads Produced for Partners in 2017 ööGoal for 2018 – 6,400 Leads • Intermediary Initiative öö15% Year Over Year Growth in Bookings • Confirm 1,630,000 Future City-Wide Room Nights ööOver 55 Future Major Meetings • Confirm 1,020,000 Future In-House Room Nights ööOver 2,400 Future In-Hotel Meetings • Solidify Success for Major Clients and Partners ööProvide Award Winning Client Services to 41 City-Wide Conventions in 2018 (up from 36 in 2017) Consumer Marketing • “Always On” Digital/Social Strategy (Paid, Organic, Curated) öö7,218,097 Website Visits in 2017 (8.6% increase) öö755,587 Repeat Visitors to Site (8.4% increase) • Fully Integrated Content Strategy Aligned Along 9 Key Platforms ööPaid and Organic Search, Social Channels, On-Line Videos, Themed “Story Telling”, Re-Marketing Strategy Closely Coordinated with Influencer Strategy • Sustain Regional Programs Year-Round ööWelcome Home Campaign Reached 6.5 Million Regional Households in 2017 • Expand National “Urban Center” Outreach/Engagement öö8.1 Million National Households Reached for the First Time in 2017 (Primarily Targeting Major US Cities) • Expand International Engagement (11 Key Markets) ööInternational Visitors to Website Increased 114% • Continue to Target “High Value” Customers ööNational US Overnight Visitors Average Length of Stay – 3.3 Nights ö ö Regional Overnight Visitor Average Length of Stay – 2.0 Nights Media Relations • Continue Expansion of Awareness and Coverage öö3,400 Published Articles öö6 Billion Total Circulation ööEarned Media Value: öö2016 - $9.6 Million öö2017 - $37.3 Million • Collaborate with Partners to Pitch and Host Media Visits to Chicago öö350 Hosted Media in 2017 (75 Hosted in 2016) • Market Specific Press Tours in Chicago öö25 Hosted in 2017 • In-Market Media Events öö10 Activations in 2017 Global Development • Complete Schedule of International Trade Shows öö12 in 2017 Completing 386 Client Appointments/Presentations öö13 Planned in 2018 • Organize and Host Key Trade/Agent/Buyer FAMs to Chicago öö30 FAMs Hosted in 2017 Welcoming 374 Agents/Buyers from 14 Countries • Conduct Sales Missions öö20 Sales Missions Conducted in 2017 Interacting with 1,839 Agents/Clients in 10 Countries • Continue In-Market Agent/Product Training ööCompleted 19 Training Seminars in 2017 Interacting with 1,161 Agents as Well as Training Another 633 Agents World-Wide Who Participated in a Chicago Specialist Program in Partnership with Brand USA Chicago Sports Commission • Win Future Major, High-Profile Sporting Events that Positively Impact Chicago • Successfully Host the 11 Sports Events in CSC’s 2018 Line Up • Leverage the Star Power of the Laver Cup to Generate more International awareness and interest in Chicago • Solidify Chicago as #1 U.S. Destination for International Rugby Matches • Create New Revenue Streams and Maintain Engagement with and Support of CSC Board Public Policy & Community Affairs • Strengthen and Expand Government and Civic Partnerships • Act as a Liaison and Build Alliances Among all Sectors of the Industry • Continue to be a Resource for Partners • Foster New Opportunities for Participation • Continue to Educate and Advocate on the Impact and Reach of the Visitor Economy 38 / 2017 ANNUAL REPORT